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Friday, December 7, 2018

Free Your Lights - Lord Maitreya

Children, you hold within you the most precious of treasures, the brightest star and the most beautiful of flowers. This has no value, for it is never measured what is immeasurable, which has no beginning, middle or end, it simply is. Do you have any idea what you are carrying within you?

While you are walking under the blindness of the ego, everything that presents itself to you will be seen with distorted eyes of the body. When you recognize your inner treasure, you will discover who you are, and so, without the distractions of the mind, you will see the outer as a reflection of your interior.

The essence that is in you is the same that is in the smallest particle of the Universe. You are the breath of the Creator. Therefore, children, you have the power to create whatever you want. How are you using your skills? Are you using all this energy to heal yourselves and the humanity, or are you allowing all this Light to disperse in the futilities of matter?

You have the Source within you, my children. You can allow it to flow naturally through you, like a channel that only directs the clear waters of a river, or you can also disqualify it through your thoughts and emotions, as if during the passage all kinds of garbage and sewage were dumped in this same channel that leads the water of the river, returning contaminated water to the river.

What do you want to give back to your surroundings, my children? The transparency of the Source that is born in you, or the impurities that are accumulated in your interiors?

In order to keep the canal clean, it is vital that surveillance be constant, for no matter how small the impurity enters, all water will be contaminated. The pure channel is one that does not allow any spark of personality to interfere in its waters.

Be a crystalline mirror of your Essence, my children, thus allowing peace, light and love to overflow, so that all who cross your ways may also drink the pure water of Your Source.

Lord Maitreya

Channel: Ghawsa - December 07, 2018.