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Monday, December 3, 2018

Be the change you want to see – Lady Master Nada

Children, the outer world that surrounds you is just a reflection of your inner world, so if you want to see a world in harmony, try to harmonize with yourselves first. The change you want to see outside starts within you.

Talking about love is easy, my children, it is difficult to feel it burning within you. In the world of matter it is still possible to hide what you are really holding within yourselves, but on the plane of the Spirit, it is no use merely to speak, one must vibrate and be in resonance with what they say, my beloved ones.

The more you hide what is within you, the harder it will be for your Eternal Being to reveal itself. The masks you've created to hide everything you truly feel and hold, at one moment will no longer support such weight to sustain, and it will be at that time that the masks will begin to fall. What has been hidden for so long will begin to reveal itself.

Believe me, my children, this is wonderful, for it is only in the Light of Truth that you will be able to see what really has to be cleansed. It's like a room that has always been with the lamp turned off, and someone decides to turn on the light, all trash and old things can be seen now. Then they can start the cleaning, what they want it to stay and what can be discarded.

What good is it to have a beautiful house and then turn it into a storage, accumulating everything that appears in front of you? There will come a moment that it will be impossible to walk, and more and more it will become unbearable to remain in it.

Unless you do an internal cleaning, the beauty of the house will never be seen.

It is at this time that the inner cleansing begins and the masks are no longer needed, there is nothing left to hide, what remains inside is your essence, pure and vibrant. This Light was dazzled by the dirt, but now, children, it is radiating from within you.

At that moment, wherever you go, now without masks and with the crystalline body, you will see the world in harmony through your immortal Spirit.

Lady Master Nada

Channel: Ghawsa - December, 03, 2018.