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Tuesday, November 6, 2018

The Truth of the Most Holy - Lord Maitreya

Beloved children, it is through of love that I come to bring to you the light and the truth of the most holy, where everything is created and converges to the center.

It is to the interior of the heart, children, the path of enlightenment, to recognize in you the likeness of which you were created.

The Light resounds only Light. It is your origin, this is the purest truth of the highest.

There is no right or wrong, not even what is owed. In this way they bring to light the judgments taught by earthly beliefs. Every worker of the Light will develop in his heart the strength and resilience necessary for all situations imposed by life, because everything is just an experience, my children, everything will happen in the blink of an eye.

Dedicate yourself to who you really are in essence, be the lights that set out on this mission. There are no more or less important works, all have their share of contribution, and will see this greatness when they disassociate the ego from the heart, when they realize that the beauty of life is in the difference they cause in the life of their fellow man who is on the same journey as you , when they realize that they all evolve in the footsteps of compassion and humility.

This egrégora of Light is firm in its purpose every day. Strengthen yourself before the love for the latent purpose in your hearts.

Radiate incessantly the brilliance of your lights, being only what they are, for there is no supremacy in the paths of humility, only the free walk of souls destined to bring the new.

Understanding will come according to your efforts, in the pursuit of your own truths. This is the way of enlightenment, my children, all are lights learning the intensity of their brilliance.

Accept your restrictions, they are the guide to gather together in wisdom all the lessons that manifest to you.

Trust in the Light, surrender to the Light! Before the most high, we are all united in one heart, vibrating and anchoring all the Christ love for the liberation of the souls that chosed to be in this plane.

Unite in love and compassion, allow the magnetic flow of this power of attraction, attune yourself to the strength of this egrégora, because we are with you all.

Before the completeness of the now, you will perceive the manifestation of the divine in you.

I'm Maitreya

Messenger: Kosoniscs - November 06, 2018.