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Sunday, November 11, 2018

The Separation of Tares and Wheat - Lady Master Clara

Children of the One

At a certain point in their lives, the memory of what you have been will dissolve from the instant of the arrival of the new.

You are in constant transformation, and this is shown in everyday experiences, when you will no longer be able to interact in the environment that you live the old way.

The new opens and shows itself in every step you take in your walk, for the time has come for the transformation to be received by each one of you, which you receive and accept as part of yourself, identifying as a lost link of your essence and your truth.

I come to remind you of the real importance of accepting the process of being transformed every day, because when you insist on repeating the same acts of the past, the same behaviors that marked moments of suffering and pain, will be building more of this same suffering for the future that opens.

But the truth, children, is that the moment they live, no longer allows the mistakes of the past to be repeated. You will be led to overcome the evil inclinations and destructive behaviors, so that they allow the new to show itself.

Observe your feelings. Perceive the first sign of the manifestation of ancient thoughts. Notice how old sensations return at that time, which would be overcome in the not-so-distant past. But what they understood as a lesson learned and which there would be no need to return, my children.

You will confront your greatest fears, with your inner demons, for it is the manifestation of this fictitious image that will become real to you.

When you close your eyes, beloved children, you will have the capacity to return to the loving encounter of surrender and the opportunity of overcoming, which again knocks on your doors. You will come across shadows from the past to take care of your thoughts and torment them, children. But this is only given so that in the construction of this New Age, no trace of what could cause the suffering again, children.

It is the phase of separation of tares and wheat. You waited for this moment for ages, thinking that it would be the separation of the good and bad, the enlightened and those who did not have the opportunity to rise, children. But now I come to tell you in truth that the separation of the tares and wheat is taking place within each of you. And I affirm that everyone is living this new phase intensely, experiencing this wonderful opportunity of cleansing and regeneration.
To truly surrender to this healing process, children, accept your truth. It is time to look into your shadows, your inner demons, and decide who is left and who will be dissolved in the energy of forgiveness, acceptance and love.

It is not just about loving to receive, children, but to renounce the dark side that is present in each one of you. For this, you have to be strong, because the inner inferior manifestations will occur, and you have to accept that it is part of you. Already enough to look to the outside and to blame for yours unhappiness. The hour of inner cleansing has come, which will only be possible to the one who accepts that carries many aspects that he has denied himself.

You become crystal clear, children. And in the transparency of their beings, there is no density that can be kept hidden. You will show yourself everything you have denied before. And it is up to you to welcome with love and humility the truth that it is also part of you, and renounce by choosing the side of light, choosing your virtues and then shining in light.

It is only through the process of looking at themselves in the mirror and seeing the lower demons that manifest, and yet choose renunciation, walking toward their soul virtues, which will heal themselves, children.

The separation of the two sides takes place in this new phase, and it is no longer possible to carry the information that has been brought here. It is no longer possible to carry the black masks that were part of his walk in so many moments. It is time to abandon them, to the detriment of the light that shines stronger.

There will be those who will choose the side of the shadows, manifesting even more intensely their inner demons, you will observe the division occur, where the virtues will be highlighted in some, but the shadows in others. And from there will be division and separation.

Children. Understand that all of you carry the demons and the virtues, and it is up to each one to look at his brother compassionately, realizing that he is undergoing an intense healing process just like you, choosing one of the sides that inhabit his being. Understand and observe lovingly each brother who chooses the side of light or shadows. But do not allow yourself to be involved in each other's internal processes.

Realize that at this time, the law of free will is the greatest. And respecting each other's healing processes is the greatest act of love you can give. Respect and observe each of your brothers, reach out your hands if you ask them, just as our beloved Nazarene did. But understand that true love, children, just surrender and accept, without charging others to walk by your side aligned with the same principles of yours.

Accept and bless each one, and work on your inner processes so that each of you shines another spark of light shining on this planet.

I am your sister, Clara.

Messenger: Michele Martini - November 11, 2018