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Tuesday, November 13, 2018

The path of enlightenment - Sanat Kumara

Dear children, 

In the light of truth, I extend my cloak of protection. 

The walk into the light could be smooth and straight if you did not carry such emotional baggage that transcends your purity and your ability to shine. 

You are the children of the One. But you still do not understand the real meaning which represents that the unity, seen as something unique and individual, expands from its purity and simplicity, to become strong when connected as One to All. 

As a unique and individual Being, it opens the possibility of expansion and connection with other beings, and in this way the work of an egrégora expands, strengthens. 

It is only from the union that there will be the possibility of elevation on the planet. Therefore, beloved children, the lonely walk, will lead them to the imbalance and the deviation of their path of enlightenment. It is only the realization that they are interconnected, and that there is an interdependence, which will illuminate. 

They deceive themselves, children, into thinking that isolation or walking only on the road of life enables them to become enlightened. And so, remember the teaching of loving everyone, loving God as yourself, and therefore loving the divinity in you, the light that shines in your heart, and which is interconnected to all your brothers, children . 

Realize how real this connection is, reminding each of you that you are the children of One. One represents one energy, manifested as the union of all others. All, there is no exception, children. 

This means that you are not different from your brother, or the opposition. This means that you as a lightworker are no different than you who seek help in times of difficulty. This shows, children, that everyone depends on each other to be enlightened. 

This puts you on a level where you are able to understand that there is no division, and therefore you are fooling yourself into thinking that by helping you are only helping others, but you are actually promoting the exchange necessary for both to rise. 

And I speak here, children, not only of relations of peace, patient and therapist, or mother or father and son, but I speak of relations between enemies, between neighbors, between relatives that you do not feel affinity and bring emotions to be worked for who are able to live in society together. 

When we speak of Oneness, there is no separation, son, and therefore there is no choice, there is no judgment, you become able to unite with all as equal, with nothing strong enough to divide them, to make them different children. 

The ascension of being takes place in the collective through collective experience. Or it would not take the experience they live, children. Realize how valuable it is and bring the opportunities of working to purify your beings from experience, living, and accepting life as it presents itself to you. 

One must take responsibility and knowledge of the position they occupy, children. And that position puts you as equals all the time. Whenever they deviate from the path, for a short second where the mind deceives them, thinking that they are at a higher level than their brothers, return to the lessons where they will learn to live together as a group, they will be placed in situations so that the feeling is resumed of humility and devotion, of gratitude for life and for the opportunity to live alongside all their brothers, children. 

Do you consider yourself too high to inhabit this planet, children? But I come to tell you in truth that it is you who build the energy from where you live, because everything vibrates according to your mental pattern, children. And if you are dissatisfied with what life shows you, children, the truth is that you are dissatisfied with yourself, and you are not able to realize how deceived you are about yourself. 

You repeatedly return to the starting point, to look back at yourself, and to learn to love your neighbor, to love the planet, to love life. That's the basics, is not it, my children? But this basic lesson is most forgotten by most of you, children, who, led by the ego, are deceived into thinking that the planet is not the height of their high and beautiful souls, shining in light. 

You, beloved children, are here to rescue old wounds, old pains, old emotions that were engraved in your records, and the creators of such restrictions were yourselves, children. The planet today manifests its restraints, its emotions, its feelings. And whoever suffers in all this history, my children, as a victim of their past actions, is Mother Gaia, it is the elemental realm, it is nature, children. 

Realize how deceived you are about yourself, and how loving and welcoming your crib is where you live, receiving you with love and bringing you the opportunity for regeneration. The process of transmutation of its restrictions brings old wounds to the surface, and with each exposure, the planet suffers, children, elementals work for their balance several times, repeatedly, children. 

Realize how welcome and beloved are all the time, beloved children, and rescue within your hearts the feeling of gratitude for life, for the opportunity of rebirth that it offers you, for the planet that welcomes you, for the Mother Gaia that elevates you in vibration , children. 

Look within, and receive the truth that you are One, but that your purification will occur only as united in a single energy, as several flames vibrate in different ways, exalting different virtues, all unite to one purpose, the planetary elevation, the ascension of all beings. 

You are the children of the One. 

Sanat Kumara

Messenger: Michele Martini - November 13, 2018