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Monday, November 12, 2018

The Father's call - Mother Mary

We recommend reading to the sound of: Schubert - Ave Maria (

May the blessings of love radiate your bodies, minds and hearts.


The subtlety of the present moment is latent in your hearts. Do not allow yourselves to surrender to the illusion that the mind imposes on you, looking for ways to keep you tied to suffering, sustaining hatred, disaffection and impatience toward your brothers and the planet.

Let the flame of love vibrate in your hearts to heal any manifestations of old behaviors that would cause you pain and suffering.

In this phase you come across the contradictions of the soul, where, on the one hand, you delight in the abundance the matter offers, and on the other you experience moments of scarcity of your energy.

It is already known by each of you that the means to be re-energized are available in the elements of nature, which are part of your days in abundance, like the air you breathe, children.

In this phase of transformation, children, remember the basics, where just breathing slowly and deeply can bring precious revelations about your energy state, and guide you to seek the resources necessary to maintain your balance.

This is no time to get sick, children. You have learned to identify the small manifestations of imbalance in your being, and you can already act to rebalance your system.

Breathe, children. This is a basic lesson that I come to remind you of, because, involved in intense activities during this period, you forget the simple act of breathing, children.

The accelerated mind always demands for more, children, but it is the heart that brings the call and cries out for your attention so you look at your internal processes.

It is your heart that cries out to ask you to look at yourselves lovingly and compassionately, just as you have looked to those who you have helped.

It is time to love yourselves, children. But this love is not an ephemeral passion, but a manifestation of the unconditional love that only a mother and father could have for their children.

I propose you an exercise, children:

Bring on your mental screen the image of yourselves ...

Watch yourselves walk from side to side, working, sleeping, eating, doing daily activities ...

Realize how this little being needs to be welcomed by someone who says:

"Enough, my child, you've done enough, relax and enjoy life. Breathe."

Go to that little representation of yourself and whisper lovingly into your ears those words, full of meekness and peace.

Irradiate on yourself all your love and attention, and observe how, gradually, the state of agitation turns into a slight vibration of peace and calm, born of the Child of the Father, who loves his Children and welcomes them in his arms of love.

Gather all the feeling of disaffection, loneliness, sadness, desolation, agitation, worry, and deliver them into the hands of the Father, who loves you intensely.

Now return to your breath, breathe deeply three times, calmly, and allow this Loving Father to remain present in your lives from now on, children.

He loves you and welcomes you with all Love.

And you, as simple representations of Him, bring the power of love into your hearts, which is latent these days in which you need even more to remember the power you carry.

Be the channels of the Father's Love bringing yourselves Love, children, in the first place, so that, radiated in this energy, you will transform your lives and your planet.

I am Maria, your mother.

Messenger: Michele Martini - November 12, 2018.