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Saturday, November 17, 2018

Light your hearts - Master El Morya

My children, embracing the path of Light is the greatest good they do to themselves and to all humanity. Blessed are those who awaken to the most sacred, the Love that unites us and connects us in this immense network that is the Universe, children. Nothing is separate, whatever they feel or what they do are reflecting even the most distant brother.

Therefore, do not think that the walk is individual, they are all together in the same journey, that despite taking them to the same destination, each one has a different path to tread. A few will find the shortcuts, while others will opt for the longest and tortuous but not the least important road, for the arrival is one, and it will be glorious, children.

Remember that whoever arrives first will not be champion, because there will be no competition, children, whoever arrives first will be the Light that will illuminate the path of so many brothers still lost in the labyrinths of fear and ego. It is the duty of every being who has discovered its Light, keep it lit, and make it stronger and more alive by sharing it.

There is nothing more gratifying than to rekindle the flame of those hearts already tired of the course. Stand firm on the road, children. With each step that you take towards us, you will be more united and connected. Light your hearts and allow so many other suns to shine again.

El Morya

Messenger: Ghawsa - November 17, 2018.