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Sunday, November 25, 2018

Let everything flow - Master Jesus

Children, never forget your real nature, you have come from love and to love you will return. The time of learning here on Earth, my children, is precisely to remind you of your essence. These are difficult times that you are going through, for it is through pain and suffering that your hearts will cry out for the Father. The heart that goes through the hard trials, my children, is being gradually polished until there is no doubt about the true goal of being here.

Remember that all that you go through is with the consent of our Father. Not a single leaf falls without He allowing, therefore, my children, learn the value of gratitude for all that you are going through, at all times be thankful for the gifts that come to you. Even if you do not yet have a full understanding of why you are going through it, know that is the best for you right now.

Do not doubt that, however great the chosen test, the greater the help and grace you are receiving. We are all together, children, do not think that you are carrying all this weight alone, all this burden is shared so that you can support the journey. Even if you do not know, you've never been alone.

With the certainty that everything is right, children, that there is nothing outside their proper place, light the flame of faith and trust in your hearts, without waning in the face of obstacles, for they are the ones which will make you fit to return to the house of the Father. Only in this way will the journey be made lighter, for it is only with an open heart to all that is given to you that you will be sweetly led to your essence, which is love.

In love there are no doubts, no judgments and no fear. By allowing yourselves to be centered in the heart, children, no matter how heavy the cross, the walk will be joyful again, it will be like returning home hand in hand with your Father.

Let everything flow as it should, and the sky will shine again.

I am Jesus

Messenger: Ghawsa - November 25, 2018.