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Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Joining Your Divine Self - Lady Master Portia

Beloved children, I come to you again to bring the softness of transformation. Let go of your worries and daydreaming. Just focus on the now.

Stop for a moment. Connect to the sounds that are propagating around you. Notice how sweet and soft they are, and allow the breeze to refresh your face to bring the soft touch of life.

The moment of here and now can last for hours, minutes or seconds, children. It is up to you to give yourselves more or less to that moment.The more you surrender, the longer it will last.

In the space you occupy multidimensionally, there is no limit to vibration. If you vibrate more intensely at the subtle frequency, you will have that sensation for a longer time. If you allow your mind to deal with the past or the future, you move from the current moment to lose energy in something that does not exist.

What exists is just what you now live. What you allow yourselves to act to unbalance you is related to what will still come or what has already been. It is the search cycle moving. But you will find out that that past or future is nothing more than holograms and illusions.

You feed all this illusory reality allowing it to interfere in your present moment,  preventing you from fully manifesting who you are.

The information you carry from the past does not contribute to building a better future. Learning is stored as wisdom in your eighth chakra, and the information that will be extracted from this cosmic library will come in the form of ideas, solutions and inspirations for the solution of current problems, directing you in the decision making and the next actions you will perform.

Give yourselves the pleasure and the right to experience this truth. Allow your mind to detach itself from the past and the future and focus only on the present moment. Observe how ideas, inspirations and directions come naturally to aid in making decisions and in walking. Trust.

Thus you experience the state of mastery. Where you are One with God and with Oneness.

It is not your mentors who will bring the answers, but it will be you who will become capable of accessing the wisdom to direct your lives and your actions.

Allow yourselves to experience this new state of living. Forget the old man! You have evolved! Your are no longer the same! All that you used to think is in the past!

What limits you is the belief in the past, in thinking that you need to follow certain procedures that were part of your life in moments necessary to direct your walk. But now you are no longer the same. With experience comes maturation, and everything is transformed.

Accept the change. The cosmic wisdom speaks through the silencing of the mind when you put yourselves in a state of openness to receive the information that comes from your lived experience, transformed into a new and wiser more mature being, that will fuse to you a little at a time, materializing your living in your life, your existence.

This new being shows itself and joins what you are, and then there arises a new individual, a new master.

This master, whom you are to become, is more serene, wise, and indifferent to external changes. This master is stronger and prepared to face the challenges that life imposes.

Just accept your call and allow yourselves to become the true manifestation of the I Am.

It is landing in each of you, joining in your physical body in earthly experience all your baggage of wisdom. Accept and receive with love. Stop fighting, thank and allow it to manifest.

You will have a fuller and softer life, lighter, subtle and serene, without great internal movements, remaining in your balance and anchored in your truth in any situation.

This is the state of peace brought by the encounter and union with your True Self.

This is your natural state, it is Human Being in your Wholeness, it is Divine being.

Lady Master Pórtia

Messenger: Michele Martini - November 07, 2018