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Thursday, November 22, 2018

Do you want to fly high? - Goddess Green Tara

Children, how do you want to take flight with so much weight still rooted in you?

In order for you to take off and reach the high spheres where the dimension of peace and love reigns, you must first leave all that weight you still insist on carrying.

For how many lives have you been accumulating so many burdens, children? As if the weights of other lives were not enough, do you still want to gather more of this present existence? And yet you wonder why you can not lift the long awaited flight that the Masters so much talk about?

Children, in the realms of love, only the entrance of pure and ego-devoid hearts is allowed. Know that beyond the veil nothing is hidden, self sabotage is only permitted while still entangled in the labyrinths of the ego.

Do you really want to go back to the house you came from and that, even if unconsciously, you miss it so much? There is only one way, my children: strip away all this load you have accumulated. You are so saturated that you just can not move, while true deliverance is so close to you.

The door that will take you to your true home has always been open, my children, it is just waiting for you to turn your attention to it. But it is a small door, through which only you will pass, no luggage passes through that door.

Make your choices, my dear children, do you really want to enter through this narrow door or do you want to continue through the wide door of fear and pain? The time has come for the decision, beloved, do not postpone this moment any longer! We are waiting for you!

Goddess Green Tara

Messenger: Ghawsa - November 22, 2018.