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Monday, November 19, 2018

Do you want to ease your suffering? Change your life? - Message from Exu Marabo

You're wearing clothes, aren’t you? Are you wearing something on your feet? What do you use to wash yourself at the time of the shower, shampoos, conditioners, soaps? Do you wear makeup? Do you like using repellents and sunscreens in your adventures in the woods? What about your backpack, purse, wallet? What about the food you eat? What computer do you use? The cell phone? Anyway ... where do you think all this came from?

This came from someone who gave their time for it to be made to serve you.

How do you think the world would be if all who awoke abandoned their professions to be therapists or live like a recluse and away from society?

How do you think the world would be if all the challenges you faced in relating to others were able to make you give up everything, and deny the opportunity for growth and evolution that could be brought about only through relationships?

What do the Masters bring regarding the Planetary Energetic Lattice? It connects everyone, right? Everyone is part of something much bigger. So why do you seek only your own satisfaction and comfort?

What is it that displeases you in your relationships? In your work environment? In your family and in the coexistence with colleagues?

Look into yourself so that you are able to discover all the density you carry, and that causes you to see suffering from the outside. This is what the Masters bring to you.

It is no use escaping from the experiences that life offers as an opportunity for liberation, and to go on walking through this world carrying all the density within you, unwilling to look and transform yourselves.

Change is only possible if sought collectively. As long as you keep looking only for your own needs and comfort, you will not be contributing anything to the ascent of the planet. There is no point in going out as a small energetic sphere of fears, ambitions, pains, traumas ... walking through life ... and seeking only experiences that will comfort and withdraw you from the opportunity to feel all that you carry.

It's time to give up the command of the Ego! Which makes you look at yourselves only as an individual being, while the community needs your commitment to bring something even greater. Your are nothing alone, but you'll be everything as a planet, united for the sake of the same goal, born from looking into yourselves, and then contribute to improving the external landscape.

Those who abandon everything to follow the call to become therapists are deceived, but still carry so many shadows within themselves. They think the call to this work is born of the heart, the love of neighbor and commitment to the planetary ascension, but it is a mere illusion of the ego, which seeks only a way of escape from the confrontation of its greatest internal enemies.

He who is not able to love his work environment, his colleagues, his relatives, his neighbors ... will he really be able to love a patient in a therapeutic office? What would happen if one of these characters that you denied coexistence was presented in front of you in a consultation? Would you keep the therapist's pose, pretending your real feelings?

One thing I say to you, children. You are not able to escape your internal confrontations. They will return to you.

Think like a person who ties a chain at their feet, and starts running for fear of the weight it brings. This person runs away, runs away, but wherever he goes, he will always be with the chain. There is no escape from your confrontations, children.

Is life hard? Is the job difficult? Is the energy dense? Is your neighbor bothering you? Your co-worker, your boss, your current brother in a spiritual job, your parents, children, husband, wife?

So be thankful! Thank for the opportunity to have before you the mirrors that show what you have come to heal. Stop circling, and assume at once that you need to look at what you've been denying all your life. It is time to welcome this to you, receive as yours, and heal by understanding and loving.

When we talk about looking at your shadows, that's what we're talking about, it's about facing your restraints, which are shown to you in your day to day.

Do you feel weak to face all this? So I ask you: Why do you think you are capable of facing by yourselves?

We have already told you that you all are unity, and only through collective thinking will you be able to transform the planet and yourselves. So why do you think individually, both to face your difficulties, and to run away from them?

We have come to bring you, children, two truths: one speaks of the need to accept what life brings to be faced. And the other talks about how you can be helped to deal with these constraints.

For you insist on thinking of the individual being, children! You live clinging to the ego, which tells you repeatedly that all outlets of the labyrinth should be pursued by you, alone, not collectively.

So I challenge you to stop walking through this lost labyrinth of emotions and fears, and let your heart lead you to the center of the labyrinth.

For as long as you seek a way out, you will all be lost, lonely.

But as you walk towards the center, you will all meet. And by uniting, children, you will be able to transcend this life of illusion and pain. You will be able to transmute the constraints you carry.

What separates you from the ability to unite with others, children? There are several factors, starting with prejudice and judgment!

The truth that brother brings is never enough for you. You are the best, you have awakened! You are the wise men! Is that it, children?

So why are you still suffering?

Why do you still remain incarnate and have not been enlightened and ascended?

The illusion of individuality holds you, consumes you, fuels the ego and the lack of love. Separation drives you away from God, and keeps you from looking at all your aspects.

Prejudice acts on you, children, and you stand judging without realizing that you are involved in such a density. And you still find the strength to point out the mistakes of your brothers, blaming them for your sufferings, condemning their attitudes and choices.

It is in the energy of the Exu that we come to bring the truth.

And I affirm to you that such a density you carry will be transformed into light, either through pain or love, children. For only through the opportunity of the incarnation will you be free, there is no other means.

We bring the truth without half terms, children, so that you will understand in a direct way all that you need to understand so that you transcend the suffering you carry within you.

Remember, children: through pain or love! You have heard this, and you know that the separation of the tares and the wheat within you is so. The time has come for transformation!

And this will happen only from the acceptance of your internal processes. When you stop clinging to the character you have created from the good Samaritan, and admit to yourselves that you carry negative feelings about everything around you.

You will not enter the kingdom of God while you are carrying such restrictions. Dispense yourselves from the life of illusion you have created. Let yourself be emptied and undressed of your illusions, of the false image you have created about yourselves, and surrender to the truth of the Exu.

We have come to transform your life, so that from here you may come back purified, reborn from the ashes of pain, and then shine in light beside the Creator.

Do not think that he who carries the lack of love in his heart will live the Reign of God. That is illusion! And you have been immensely deluded about who you are and what you carry. Enough of lying to yourselves! For we see you through the flesh, children. We know everything you carry in your hearts.

It will be of no use invoking the energies of light to heal you, if it be but words spoken to the wind, meaningless and not resounding with your heart, without being true. You speak lies, you live lies, you spread lies. You are just illusory characters created to satisfy your domineering Ego, and keep you trapped in suffering. You need to face these truths without fear!

Look into my eyes, I will stand before you right now, and tell me that you are what you say you are! You will not be able to support your lie before my presence, for I am Exu Marabo.

I am here to transform your life, so many other's, and the planet's, but this will happen only from the moment you enact the death of the illusion you have sustained in your life. Enough of lies to yourself! Commit yourself truly to what you preach, with what you say you are!

Be authentic!

Crystal beings can not bring lies or shadows. They shine and show 
their energy in a way it's impossible to hide what they feel.

In the New Age, children, you will be confronted with your greatest fears, with the fear of assuming what you truly are. There will be no boundaries or disguises. Be the truth so that you have the opportunity to heal.


Exu Marabo

Messenger: Michele Martini - November 19, 2018.