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Thursday, November 15, 2018

Anchor yourselves in love and radiate its light - Lord Maitreya

The path of light is based on righteousness and detachment. In order to remain firm in your purposes, it is essential that you always be anchored with the Father, no matter if this anchorage comes from a prayer, a bath, a reading, a song, a decree, a mantra or meditation. All that matters is that you walk firm in the certain that you won't feel distant at any time from the Source.

When you allow yourselves to be separated from your essence, children, you allow yourselves to forget who you really are and what the real reason you are here on Earth is, in this such precious and awaited moment.

As you move away, you open up loopholes to bring different energies closer to you, not that they are bad, because everything has a purpose in Creation, they are simply energies that have assimilated with your state of vibration in the moment you allowed the approach.

The law governing the Universe is simple, children, so the importance of your being anchored with the Source, this is the state of mastery that allows everything that comes to you to be in the purpose of Love. That is why you are here, first to recognize yourselves as the masters you are, and only then radiate that Light that is latent in your hearts, which has long waited to be released.

Remember, the more you spread love, the more connected and anchored you will be, children. This is the way.

Lord Maitreya

Messenger: Ghawsa - November 15, 2018.