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Tuesday, November 20, 2018

About Desires and Abundance - The Cosmic Christ

My children, expectation is the weed that prevents you from reaping the fruits of divine abundance.

By wishing that a situation is the way they designed, they will be blocking the flow of the Universe. Do not allow your minds to establish what is best for you children, for your minds are filled with beliefs and conditioning that have shaped you throughout your life in a character who has forgotten the true essence.

To allow your desires to speak louder than the heart, is to allow the cycle of births and deaths to repeat itself, until the time comes that you will tire of this wheel, children. It is at this hour that the miracle happens, for by diverting the attention of the mind, they will allow the subtle voice of the heart to be heard. This voice will become increasingly clear, there will be no more doubts about what comes from the heart or the mind. Trust in this voice, children, only she knows what is best for you, she does not judge and does not rebuke, she is meek and soft, just wait for the right moment that will be willing to listen to it. When that time comes, children, what is scarce will become abundant, and the heavy road will be light and pleasant, for there will be no doubt of who is in charge.

The Cosmic Christ

Messenger: Ghawsa - November 20, 2018.