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Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Where did we go wrong? - Master El Morya

There are no wrong ways in how life is structured, children. All of them lead you to learning and elevating the soul.

Self-judgment places you as prisoners of your minds nourishing the illusion that you are imperfect.

You are all the time working blame on yourselves, not knowing how to forgive yourselves for the paths you have taken that have caused suffering.

So ask yourselves what prevents you from reversing this picture, from going back on decisions that made you suffer? What prevents you, children?

See yourselves as the son who is learning to shine as his Creator. You are mere apprentices, children. Be patient with yourselves. It is permitted to make mistakes. It is part of life, it is through mistakes that you rise and learn.

Thank the opportunity to awaken to this truth. For a mistake when perceived brings wisdom and gives you the choice of which path to take from that moment.

It is time to start over, and now that you have learned to err and accept, you bring the wisdom you need to walk the path that will make you truly happy.

Without the experience of mistake, children, you would not be on the stage you are. You  would still be acting like immature and inexperienced babies. See how much the lessons of life have contributed to your maturation. How much wiser you are today in view of the past that was left behind.

There will always be several directions to follow, children, always. And what I am revealing to you is that someday you will figure out that all paths will be summed up in just one.

Life acts like a funnel, narrowing the corridor where you pass, and taking away distractions from the walk. You are allowed to experiment when you are still starting on this path, and still away from the end of that road. But as you continue to experience and err, to fall and rise, to acquire wisdom before what you live, you are drawn more intensely in the only direction that will lead to your purpose, there will remain only one, children.

As you look around and see various possibilities to come before you, it is the call to experience life. It shows that you are not yet mature enough to be revealed your true purpose.
It is necessary to experiment by opening all the doors and acquiring the experiences contained in each of them, but knowing that none represents the end of the line for you children.

Live your life aware that it is just experimentations, and they prepare you for something even greater.
There will be a day when you will look around yourselves and see only one road being shown. There will not be several doors to be opened, there will be no paths to choose. Only one will remain. Then know that when that day comes, children, you will stand before the opportunity of happiness and to experience fullness. You are being shown the purpose of your lives.

Celebrate! For the tests you have attended to get here are over. From there, a new phase will begin where there will be no wrong or alternative paths, there will be only one route to follow, where you will walk in response to the call of your hearts.

You realize that what you once saw as two or three paths to choose becomes just one. It opens up like an unexpected revelation, impossible to be conceived by your thoughts. It is something that materializes as a result of the wisdom you have achieved, of the journeys of life, and of the acceptance of the experiences that have come along in the journey.

The wrong ways were the key to opening the door to your divine purpose.

Thank every day, children. For from the daily experiences is given the wisdom necessary for the revelation of your purposes.

I am El Morya

Channel: Michele Martini - October 24, 2018.