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Wednesday, October 17, 2018

The Way of Mastery - Master Sananda

Dear sons,

I come to tell you about the path of mastery, a mysterious subject among you, and so misunderstood among many.

Everything starts in the heart, my sons, always in the heart will find the doors to purity and humility. Humility makes them charitable and simple in their attitudes, for they take the gaze of standing in the place of the other, without the judgment imposed by human beliefs.

The eyes of the heart give them all the grace of Creation, because free of beliefs and limitations of the mind, they will see only the free flow of experiences that they have proposed, as a way of learning, helping each other by spreading love and charity.

Have you noticed, sons, what there is in common in all the Lights that have passed through these lands, bringing you the way of ascension? It always was, and always will be humility and charity. Only in charity will they find the meaning that so many seek, and get lost in so many superficial questions about the profound Laws of Creation.

Mastery, my sons, is in self-acceptance of your restraints, in consenting to yourselves that you are worthy, and that you are here just to live that experience. Accept the simplicity of what enlightenment really is.

All the way to the enlightened one, it is a reverse way to Heavenly Father's house, because in essence they already know him, and are here to learn the way of return. Everything they live has been studied in detail so that they can learn and overcome their restrictions, so there are no wrong places, improper moments or justice not granted, because everything is relative, my sons, you do not have control or certainty, only everything is what it is .

When they allow themselves to flow, leaving aside the bonds of illusion, they will perceive how much they suffer for details that do not elevate them, but keep them in circles, in addictions and harmful habits, allowing to interact with the density that they attract for themselves.

The way of the enlightened is not free from pain and tears, for everything is a form of learning, everything is relative, and in this is to apply wisdom, and to make the most of the experience manifested.

Manifesting what they really need to evolve is mastery. Accepting the fact that they are creators of everything around them, they elevate us in vibration and consciousness.

Turn to the heart, beloved, the heart allows you to live the divine will, surrender to the flow of love and compassion, allow yourself to feel this connection of freedom and fullness. There is no separation, my sons, we are all one, connected to each other through the emotions.

Remember, sons, everything is relative, and in these uncertainties that arise along the way, only the heart translates the divine language to its path.

We are united in one energy, in the frequency of love and compassion.

Be in Peace.

I am Sananda

Messenger: André Kosoniscs - October 16, 2018