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Thursday, October 18, 2018

The renunciation of the ego will open them to divine abundance - Mother Mary

Read the message to the sound of: Schubert - Ave Maria

May the blessings of love radiate their bodies, minds and hearts.

Beloved children,

The need for exposure comes from the mind. It is what blocks divine abundance. When you give your heart completely to what you do, there is nothing that can keep you from achieving your dreams.

This is what the wisdom of the soul says. Trust, faith and surrender with love. Simple and complete, to promote a life of abundance and abundance, of true achievements, without unnecessary energy expenditure in ways that do not materialize.

What blocks this divine flow is the ego-minded mind that comes to dig spaces in the history of each one's divine accomplishments, to boycott the path of light of every divine spark that you are.

Let the light permeate you, for it will make your dreams come true.
Sometimes you have glimpses of a new era of peace to show in the near future. And it may seem that this dream is still far from being achieved.

You seek, you seek and you do not find a way to materialize the great lost dream, kept in small memories of the mind, of glimpses of something that the heart claims to realize, but realize that nothing is more real than the surrender in love to what they accomplish now.

Only this can open the door to what will come in the future. The key to the heart's accomplishment comes not from the mind, but from the surrender of trust and faith in God.

You are all the time being provoked by the ego to put all that you have lost here so far, allowing yourself to surrender to what it shows as real, but it is only an illusion.

Allow, children, that the road of light will open gradually. There is nothing to fear when you surrender your heart to the divine purpose.

There is no need to show or prove what they accomplish in material means. What is divine is recorded as eternal truth, and there is nothing to hide in the sight of God.

Only the full truth will remain, amidst the rubble of so many obscure paths that you took during the walk.

But now is not the time to complain. It is time to assume to themselves that they are equal beings with each other while belonging to the same plane and connected to the same line of learning, which will come to show that they need each other to transmute their restrictions and to heal the deeper pains.

They will be confronted in their truths every time they take the wrong course, to awaken in their hearts the call to the true mission, for there is no time for wrong choices, children. The new age materializes every moment, and you are the transforming agents of everything you see in something clearer and more glittering.

There is no density that can remain hidden before crystalline bodies that manifest. Truth becomes ever present stronger and more necessary to walk the path of freedom from suffering.

Look at what's left, children. The crystalline bodies are now showing more clearly what they were not previously able to perceive. Accept and accept with love what you used to hide. To finally put an end to the history of suffering that had been repeated for so long.

It is time for change. Assume your truth and allow the light to dwell in your homes, your jobs, your lives. Already enough of so much suffering, children. Their bodies no longer behave such densities and old information that should have already been transmuted into past lessons.

Assume the need for change. Assume your truths, both the dark ones to be released, and the luminous, so that they come to inhabit your here and now and direct your actions from today.

Be what they came here to be. There is no more time for wrong routes in the process. The time has come to assume your divine purposes and manifest your most sublime aspects.
The density was an illusion, enough to carry it. This is an old energy that no longer belongs to the present moment. The new age cries out in their hearts to heed the call of change and transformation.
That from the truth, from the peace and love that radiate from their hearts, the real transformation of each one of you will be given.

I am your mother, Maria.

Messenger: Michele Martini - October 18, 2018.