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Monday, October 29, 2018

The Lightness of the Now - Lord Lanto

Dear children, let the presence of love envelop you in all your lightness and tenderness. And it is from this lightness that I come to speak to you, children, of detachment with everything other than the now.

Realize how much you cease to live the present moment, open yourself to enjoy the Now, and not to live the fears and longings of the uncertain. All they have, children, is the present moment, and in that everything is complete, children. 

Gratitude is established in the Now, love is anchored in the Now, because when guided in this feeling, nothing else matters children. Completeness manifests itself by releasing all the beliefs they carry, all the baggage they no longer need in their walk, and do you know why children? Because they are created to live in love, in compassion, in the feeling of tenderness that makes them manifest all their essence.

Jesus taught them to give the another face, for in that feeling they renounce everything they are, to teach through love, the way of the divine. Being kind and loving, where there is anger and hatred, they will reap what they have sown in the heart.

What do you, sons, sow in your hearts?

Guided in confidence, they will no longer have to delude themselves with worldly beliefs, for lightness is in detachment, children, in the free life that only freedom of soul can provide.

The ways of Light are simple, children, realize that no message of love and shared compassion brings complications or enigmas, but simplicity is such that it is difficult to understand this teaching. Discomplish the living my children, be the lights that set out.

There are no wrong paths, all roads will take you to the roads necessary to evolve.

A long time ago, a great sage discovered in his heart that the middle way was the path of lightness and detachment, he felt that he could learn and evolve without taking on himself the burden of right or wrong, the responsibility of a burden that only pressure himself, that change need not be painful, it just flows.

Look, my children, you are experiencing many situations that will awaken in your hearts the truth about who you are, and that is all that matters.

Be simple and humble, my children, spread the love and the greatness of charity, for this will contribute to the evolution and understanding of all your fellow men.

I am Lanto

Messenger: Kosoniscs - 29.Oct.2018.