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Tuesday, October 23, 2018

The Light of God in your hearts - Mother Mary

Before you start reading, visualize the image above, press the play on the mantra below chosen by Her for this sublime moment of love, then keep reading the message in peace ...


May the blessings of love radiate your bodies, minds and hearts.

Enough .... my beloved children ... it's time for you to rest ....
Relax ....
Stop thinking about your problems ...
Let things happen slowly and at the right time ...
Understand that not everything happens as planned and the way you imagined ...
There are route changes along the way, and those will give new air for you to breathe.

Stop searching ...
Just accept what is here for you, the gift of now ...

Listen to a mantra, light an incense, close your eyes ...

Let you feel the energy that hangs in the air ...
Take a deep breath and allow the air to come out completely, to clear away all the problems and thoughts you hold in your mind.

You will not be able to solve people's problems while you remain so involved in yours, and not learn to enjoy life.

Learn to care for yourself, to love yourself, to love your work, your home, your family, your everyday food, in short, everything that life offers you so gracefully and incessantly, and you have not stopped to observe, and see how valuable and abundant your lives are.

You, children, create problems in your minds, and carry them on every subsequent day, which makes you remain enveloped by an imaginary sphere of problems and illusions, which prevent you from being happy.

Allow that from within that sphere your light will radiate, and then it will slowly dissolve, for there is no other way of solving problems, other than shining your light, accepting where you are and with whom you are, accepting your life just as it is.

The only way to be happy is to be present and to delight in what life has to offer, but not in the way you have been doing it, my children, but quietly and silently, patiently and in peace.

Life will not run from your hands. It will stay in the next second, the next day and also in the next few years. There is no reason to run against time in order to enjoy life, carrying an energy of anxiety and imbalance. This will lead you to excesses, known as greed, lust, and all the sins that humanity has come to experience, beloved children.

Remain in peace as to how your lives are led. Do not allow anxiety to withdraw you from your state of peace, and put you in tune with the thought-forms of suffering and imbalance, lack and scarcity, pain and illusion.

Life is to be lived, at every breath, every moment, to be appreciated as it is, valuable and irreplaceable. How would you be able to appreciate every moment if you want to swallow everything with eagerness to be happy at any cost, beloved children?

And the pursuit of happiness? What could you say about that, children? The pursuit puts you further away from this state, removes you from the present moment, and makes you think that you are incapable of solving your problems. The pursuit of help and solving your problems is keeping you enslaved by the addiction of victimism, which puts you illusively into thinking that you are not capable of directing your own life and using divine gifts for your own benefit.

How long, children, will you continue to take wrong steps in the midst of incessant thoughts, and will need to return back or stagnate for a while to catch your breath, for you have taken a walk beyond the ability to realize it by respecting your limits?

Enough remedying the mistakes from the past, children. From now on you start a new story, and it is permeated by meekness, peace and love for yourselves.

Use your time to care for you, allow your minds to work to materialize the will of your consciousness, and the call of your heart. So that you do not linger in the midst of dark and lost thoughts, creating illusions and problems in the midst of a life so perfect that you have today.

Look around you, you have the food provided by the Creator, you have the health that makes you able to read this message, or to write it, you have the sparkle in your eyes that is the reflection of the light of your hearts, for in there is the seed and it tells everything about what you are. Seeds of pure love and balance, seeds of harmony and fullness, of all the power of the Universe, to co-create and transform your lives and other brothers’.

Allow this light to permeate your being, and use it for your well-being, to promote your own transformation, and to be one more light shining in this immense mesh that you form illuminating the planet and elevating it in ascension.

That is the purpose of each of you, children. Accept it with praise and love, for one day you will manifest the will and presence of God in your hearts.

I am Mary, your Mother.

Messenger: Michele Martini - October 23, 2018