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Friday, October 12, 2018

The Connection of Love - Master Sananda and Sanat Kumara

Beloved sons,

Before the doors of love, all the answers will come, because in the completeness of this feeling, everything connects, and all need is illusory, in the face of such union with the whole.

The forces of compassion gather all the lights, because in them, charity and the detachment of everything that does not contribute to the ascension vibrate.

There is no origin, no end, no good or evil, everything is part of a whole, where affinities are defined, and that is enough, because it is so!

The example of love builds and edifies all that is to be learned and understood, not imposing barriers or limits, being a great flow. The energetic exchanges of your relationships form the whole energy matrix that is involved, thus reflecting your vibrations.

Everything is interconnected, my children, all are one, and the illumination of one contributes to the enlightenment of all, for so is the creation, which grows and evolves through love and bestowal with its fellowman, spreading the love that flows endlessly through your bodies.

This flow, my children, is due to their ability to connect to multiple dimensions, and are able to attract and multiply that magnetic energy that surrounds them. For many, this understanding is difficult for the mind to accept, but for the heart, my children, it is all very natural, not limiting the source, simply accepting the manifestation coming from love and compassion.

In various messages, we have brought to you that Humility enlightens you, and through it, open the doors of charity and the acceptance of love. Vibrating in the frequency of arrogance and ego, it keeps them connected to the dense matrix, created by mental vibrations, limiting them to the access of that flow. Understand my children, nothing is as it should not be!

The flight of your lessons is the natural way for those who refuse to surrender their own divinity. They have never been separated from the Creator, except by the erroneous beliefs fed by the Ego.

Embrace your restrictions, welcome them with love and care, you will open yourselves to the lesson presented, and accept suffering as a way of learning

Whenever you feel lost, insecure, my children, come to me, and give me the feelings that cause you suffering, call for me and I will be there to welcome you in the name of love.

Invoke the threefold flame in your hearts, in it you will find all the latent power as beings of lights. Invoke:

I Am the power of Light, vibrant in my Heart

I am the Resurrection and the Life

I am the divine Glory anchored in me and the planet

I am the flow of Love, Faith and Wisdom

I Am, I Am, I Am.

This invocation of children, will bring balance to your bodies, in order to connect them with their divine essence, bringing peace to the heart.

Before all Light and Love, I bless you in the name of the trinity of Christ.

We are Sananda and Sanat Kumara

Messenger: André Kosoniscs - 11.Oct.18