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Thursday, October 18, 2018

The Conduct of Humility - André Luiz

It is with great regret that we declare the death of a being just born. He was great, strong, imposing and wise. He was good at communicating with the public and great knowledge of spirituality.

He was complete. He came up with great speed to stardom, but what caused his death was the ego.

He forgot that he is equal to his brothers, he came to see himself as superior, and with that he was left to his own devices in this material life, so full of challenges and densities. He saw himself alone, imposing and strong, but to be attacked by obscure forces that did not allow themselves to be perceived, so much the harmony between them.

Without realizing it, he shifted from the side of the light to the side of the shadows.

Invigilant and blind to love, he could no longer feel love for his neighbor. He lost himself in the inner ocean of devotion and self-recognition.

It is with regret that we communicate his death, but also with joy that he allows himself from this death to be born something more pure, which, in the midst of the wrong ways of life, now surrenders to love and charity. Start a new phase to learn in the school of life the main lesson: Unconditional Love.

It is necessary to allow any manifestation of the ego to die, and to renounce repeatedly and promptly all the provocations on the dark side, recognizing that they are fragile beings inhabiting a physical body with a limited capacity of perception of the truths of life. They are easily deceived by themselves, to sustain a fanciful image of life and as to who they are.

Just as the spheres of light are constantly sending drops of wisdom in the tune of love, just as they are exposed to every manifestation of emotions, feelings, dislike and discord, as well as pride and vanity, lust and envy, and all feelings which lead to imbalance. They move away from the spiritual guides and the egegories of light that are illuminating the planet.

It is necessary to watch yourselves in the smallest actions and thoughts, and commit to transforming the density into light when it is still a small seed identified within.

Watch over your conduct, your choices, your actions.

Constantly revisit the list of the seven deadly sins, and study again the meaning of each of them, to help them identify any similarity within their actions and emotions with such dense manifestations of the planet, which only comes to unbalance beings with the to divert them from their divine purpose.

I come to tell you about the story of this being that dies today. It is a representation of each of you, so you remember that you are constantly creating characters like him, and re-creating new ones at every death. There is a need for constant vigilance, for beings like this to stop being born on this planet and to slow down your evolutionary path.

The life of a being like this can last several incarnations, years, days or just a few moments, but it is constant and incessant the number of births of illusory characters created by the ego that comes to boycott the happiness of each one of you, holding them imprisoned in mental holograms, preventing them from shining their light.

Watch your conduct always.

Andre Luiz

Messenger: Michele Martini - October 18, 2018.