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Monday, October 29, 2018

Message to the Lightworkers - Master Jesus

Beloved children,

In the face of so many social transformations, a strong and cohesive group must stand firm to sustain their faith and the light that radiates from their actions.

Do not fear what lies ahead, for where there is light, children, in charity and love, no evil can enter.

I speak to you in truth,  where you are gathered in my name, to bring charity, I will always be in presence. And I come to affirm that I have observed your actions, your engagement in favor of the love of the neighbor, even when for that it is necessary the confrontation of your greatest restrictions.

Today you form a cohesive and strong group, and the light that you emanate no one will be able to break.

Trust in the light you radiate, and stand firm in your purpose of serving. For, my beloved children, you are not able to understand the magnitude of the work you do.

Know that you are awakening love and hope in afflicted hearts, reaching out to those brothers who no longer see hope in life. You are awakening the rebirth of each being to their truth, so that everyone may one day return to the Father's house.

I am always with you, my children, and I will become more present from now on, lovingly following each step you take. At every thought and daydream of your minds that could lead you to imbalance, I will put each sheep back into the fold. I will rescue all your most sublime aspects and wrap them in a cloak of love so that it may be received by each of you to rejuvenate you in respect of coping with life.

Trust that those who follow my steps of love and self-denial towards the work of charity will be rewarded, and will be received with my arms outstretched upon returning to the Father's house.

Trust, my beloved, for I will walk beside you at every moment you may think of giving up. We will be holding our arms like a strong current sustaining the energy of this egregore of light and love. 

May you all be received into my loving heart, for I am your brother Jesus.

Message received for the members of the Congregation for Peace and Transformation, but we extend to all the Light Messengers and Workers of this wonderful Planet of Love!

Gratitude, my Father Oxalá, gratitude my Beloved Jesus of Nazareth, my Christ, my Sananda ... my love. Gratitude for your words of love.

Messenger: Michele Martini - October 29, 2018.