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Tuesday, October 9, 2018

FAQ - How to learn to understand dreams?

Good night. I have been a reikian for some years and since I was a child I have had experiences related to my mediumship and also to aliens.
I say with certainty about the experiences with extraterrestrials why today at 34 years still happen these experiences.
My question is: how to remember the experiences we have during sleep and why when we remember these memories are partial?
Why are interpretations clear and confusing in certain situations?


The focus should be on letting go of the need to understand with the mind.
Know that what occurs during sleep serves for your spiritual advancement, and will materialize in being incarnate according to need and as experiences come.
focus on interpretation and understanding will only put you in a state of imbalance.
Just accept that the perceptions you have are characteristic of your kind of mediumship, nothing more.

I am Shiva