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Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Welcome to Renewal Energies - Kuan Yin

Beloved children

You are involved in doubts that lead to imbalance. They think they are in situations without solution, in which it would be necessary to insert energy in movement to solve what disturbs them.

But what if they try to leave, deliver and observe?

They are embracing and bringing you to situations that are not part of its history and its flat terrain, so the energy that is necessary to walk in that direction is so, yet without bringing solution.

What has no solution, children, is settled.

Just let it be. Accept what the Universe shows you. The cause of suffering is the insistence on controlling through the mind, driven by feelings of insecurity, fear and anxiety.

What the universe brings to you flows naturally, children, it is not necessary to put energy or strive for something to work out.

When you trust in the Divine, life flows, the old energy is gone, and you are filled by the new.

The old energies that they carry are bound to you by internal restraints of fear, and this holds you prisoners in the cycles of suffering.

Just give in trust, children.

Even if there comes the pain of separation from that old energy they carried, this pain is only an illusion born of the restrictions they carry. They are created by the mind, children.

By releasing control and allowing the old to go, the energies of renewal will fill them with light and balance, with inner harmony.

Trust in the Divine flow, children. It circulates through your body to purify and cleanse all restrictions that carry, and will detach you from connections established in the field that impede walking.


I am the energy of renewal and transformation.

I am the peace and the balance that comes from trust and faith in God.

I am the transformation and the balance of Being freed from its constraints.

I am the fortitude of sweetness and love born of the transmutation of ancient density.

At that moment decree:

I let the old energy go and welcome the new one with love and gratitude.

My life becomes sweet and light.

Joy fills me.

I am a Divine Being and I shed my light wherever I walk.

I am, I am, I am

I am a loving mother who brings transformation and the balance of the Divine Being, which returns to its primordial state in harmony and union with God.

Kuan Yin

Messenger: Michele Martini - September 25, 2018.