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Friday, September 28, 2018

Uniting the consciousness in ascension - Maha Chohan

The elevation of consciousness is not tied to the ego.

In the way you conceive of material experience, you are led to deceive yourself in the way that life consolidates information so that the facts come true according to the divine plan.

Beyond the level of the mind is the elevation of the material world. But without it, it would not be possible to achieve such an increase. With each path completed in this plan, new opportunities for elevation are opening up.

As the being is reborn from its imperfections, life is shaped to transform the next moment into the result of that which was constructed along the path of earthly trials, for nothing is necessary to attain elevation beyond integral experimentation.

From such a trial comes the ascension.

It is like the life and processes of transformation on the planet. Everyone comes to fulfill their purpose of individual elevation from experimentation, which will culminate in a vibrational leap at the planetary quantum level.

From the realization of the earthly plans comes the fullness of being, to transform his own life into something lighter and also to contribute to the union of consciences that are connected to themselves on different levels, to one energy, elevated and ascended.

It is possible that the consciousnesses inhabiting denser levels will reach states of grace and divine plenitude on the ascension from this process of transformation. For this comprehends the union of all the parts that make up the whole, known as the monad.

The monastic level is the cradle to which all unfolded consciousnesses will return. From there they have arisen and divided, and even that point will return in a state of ascension.

Each level of consciousness that unfolds from the monad in multiple dimensions materializes in some aspects to be transformed, bound exclusively in this terrestrial plane, to the karma of humanity, the seven deadly sins.

On the basis of this beginning, the subdivisions of the monad, materialized in different vibrational levels, are given hundreds of consciousnesses to experience each of these aspects, to elevate the whole in wisdom when of its understanding and transmutation of the state of pain to the inner light, which is its origin.

Of all the unfolded states of consciousness, there are those who were created only to provide the other twin brothers of the monad with the experiences necessary for the understanding of each of the restrictive aspects of the planetary mesh and thereby its purification and elevation in full and definitive wisdom.

So your brother next door, as well as your densest enemy, can certainly be part of you, unfolded as consciousness of the same set from where you came into being. You are part of the same higher energy (monad), much mistaken for God.

We could say that it is a primary God, so that it can be understood more easily, because that is where all the earthly realities linked to that unfolded group are consolidated, which in fact is nothing but part of something greater.

Then there is the freedom of the soul, which allows being to wander on the earth plane only to enjoy this experience, recognizing in each consciousness a piece of itself. It is where he begins to observe attentively and openly all that is brought by such representations of pieces of himself, to provide the learning for its evolution.

From the spirit regarded as an obsessor to the guardian angel that you name some who come your way to assist them, all are to contribute to your learning. Fighting against this reality only keeps them further from their opportunity to rise and ascension.

At the end of this experimentation, all will unite in a single energy, and therefore there is no fight against, because even the densest consciousness will be incorporated into the monad as One.

When we say that we are all One, that is what we are trying to make them understand. That all energies are just one. That all consciences manifest one to contribute to the divine purpose of the other, always as an exchange and bringing benefits to both sides.

Faced with this truth, children, there is no suffering. There are only experiences.

Suffering is created by the egoic mind that thinks to be alone in this journey. But this is an illusion.

Only the union and exchange of experiences will give the ascension of all beings in union to a single energy.

And so it is.

Maha Chohan

Messenger: Michele Martini - September 28, 2018