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Thursday, September 27, 2018

Transformational Therapy Lecture Opening - Master Serapis Bey

Dear children, it is with gratitude that I connect you with the energy of purification. In that moment you receive in your hearts a crystal that will activate the crystal flame, working through your experiences, your experiences, your thoughts and emotions, to redeem the purity of your interior.

I am Master Serapis Bey, chohan of the fourth ray of the Great White Brotherhood of Ascended Masters.

I have been like you, my children, working in inner struggle, in a war between the character and the Divine Being.

The Divine Being dwells in every heart, and is the abode of each one.

During the experiences, my children, when you connect to the character, identifying with the patterns of suffering, the pains of humanity, you attune to the sublime aspects, contrary to what you think, children.

You must accept the experiences that are put to you, accept all the density you carry, the one you deny, and that is placed before each one in the mirrors of the relations. In the mirrors of the experiences, and the emotions that you carry and often deny.

Through this path, children, you discover how to heal yourselves.

Material experience, children, is nothing more than a map. It is where you learn, following the clues that are shown to you through the emotions, the emotions that you carry and put into the external in each experience, in each experience.

These emotions are the clues, the feelings, the maladjustments, the diseases, the tears and the smile, they are clues to the path of the purification of your Being. Because you show, my children, how you will return to the essence from which you originated, that it is pure light.

I come here to remind you, my children, that the light is your nature, and that from the light you are born, and you will not return as long as you continue to think that you should seek that return.

You are here to learn that you remain that light, and that in no time and no experience of pain and suffering, in any way judged as wrong, you have erred, children. Error is an illusion, the path of judgment to oneself leads to imbalance, to uncontrol, and distances you from the state of Inner Mastery.

You are here to remind yourself that you are Masters, to remember that you have always been. You are not reaching a state never reached, children. You are just reminiscing about the natural state of your Being, which is only light.

You are here, at this congress, in this place, to remember your purity, to remember your Mastery, your capacity to be Who You Are.

Thank you all. And I leave now to this daughter the lecture on Transformational Therapy.

Thank you all, children.

Serapis Bey

Messenger: Michele Martini

Message received live during the lecture Transformational Therapy: The purification process, held during the International Holistic Congress (Brazil) on September 15, 2018.