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Saturday, September 22, 2018

The Detachment of the Soul - Gautama Buddha

Dear Brothers,

There are various forms of belief in humanity, and all of them lead to the same goal, the awakening to the inner light, the light they bring into your hearts.

All suffering is caused by disillusionment because they do not understand the path of love, of the surrender of who they are, not allowing themselves to be drifting in oneness with the whole.

The energies that connect daily, give you signals of the way to go, tell you about your choices, about your restrictions. Learn to not resist the universal language, the colors and the vibrations say who you really are, expose your true state to unity.

The middle way, understanding, serenity and surrender, in these my brothers, find the discernment to absorb the path that opens.

Detachment is born to the extent that they accept their restraints, for by denying them they will be strengthening them to the point of blinding the eyes of the soul. Vibrem in love, Faith and Wisdom, allow the Trina Flame to live in your hearts, provide the light of your lights.

Everything in this experience is transient, and all that you will take after this passage will be only the energetic relationships you have built, for that defines you as divine beings, your choices!

Vibrem in the frequency of the balance, in this way will allow wisdom to manifest. In earthly experience, excesses occupy all spaces, obstructing the learning of the passage through this plane.

All without exception, are children of the Light, and able to vibrate in love and compassion, so my brothers, allow yourselves to empty themselves, silence your minds and feel the flow of serenity.

Everything is transient my brothers, everything is only a great experience. Live the freedom of love and detachment from the soul.

Be in peace, my brothers.

I'm Sidharta Gautama - Buddha

Messenger: André Kosoniscs 22 - September 2018