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Sunday, September 16, 2018

The awakening of unconditional love and its relation to the transmutation of restrictions - Master Pórtia

Children, there was a period of deep preparation, where they learned to detach themselves from the pattern imposed by their character, when they tried in some ways to realize what they created in their minds and nothing materialized. From these disappointments and wrong ways was born the first awakening, which brought to you the realization that nothing can be accomplished with love when you allow the mind to control your steps, determine the means for something to happen.

Realize, beloved ones, that when you give everything you desire to the universe, it receives you as a package to gradually materialize everything you need, but the means will be different from those you conceived in your minds, children.

The mind is not capable of conceiving the grandiosity of the universe, it would not fit in such a tiny representation of thought, beloved children.

The mind can aid in the processes of building and awakening the divine being and purpose only when it is connected to the heart, when it becomes the medium, not the agent that will transform or realize children. Only when they are connected to the heart can the mind take the greatest steps towards the real happiness of all.

When they are inserted into an experience, children, at every moment, must remember the real purpose of being here: the awakening of unconditional love.

One day that daughter (Michele) wondered what would be the greatest reason to be here, and revealed that unconditional love is something that, when achieved, will lead you to the state of ascension. But this purpose, beloved children, is not only her, but of all incarnated beings on this plane, everyone is here to discover the path that will lead them to the great discovery that unconditional love provides: I Am.

From this, the connection of being with its divine manifestation, children, is established, and nothing could be conquered without love. For from unconditional love comes the understanding that all are connected in Oneness.

You will realize at every step that every time you establish loving and pure, unpretentious, simple and grand connections in your ability to enlighten, your heart will vibrate in love and gratitude.

This is the feeling that shows each of you that in that instant you have been able to experience the real meaning of love.

Children, you ask me if you should be where you are, if you should have passed through the experiences that have passed, and I remind you, my beloved children, that as long as you do not learn to love unconditionally your brothers in all their aspects, and who show you, will not be able to purify themselves, will continue to suffer and seek the way out of a maze that they have created for themselves.

Realize, my beloved ones, that when you are inserted in the most contradictory means, when you can no longer perceive yourselves part of that, you are in a state of denial of experience. They allowed the judgment to gain space and occupy what would be occupied by real love.

When, conscious of their actions, did they decide to withdraw the space of love to give way to judgment, children?

You would say that consciously this did not occur, but unconsciously.

Unconsciously mankind has been destroyed, they have stopped loving themselves, for they carry judgment in the place of love. This space which should be occupied by true love, children, is unconsciously filled by judgment, which moves away rather than uniting, which is the cradle of so many manifestations of inferior feelings that will direct future attitudes of being, and will keep them even more imprisoned in their own unhappiness and of all around.

Life is marked by cycles, children, and the awakening comes in ways that would be difficult to conceive, because as I said, the mind is limited in its ability to reach when disconnected from the heart.

Therefore, children, the first step is to look at what you judge, to observe the feelings you have nurtured about everything around you, and to treat them with love, without judgment for yourselves or for what you are feeling, which will eventually reflect on what you feel in relation to the one who is before you, carrying so much information that your egoic mind is not able to accept, because it asserts itself in an opinion, in a certainty.

Love does not carry certainties or opinions, does not judge and does not condemn. Love only loves, and enlightens every heart wherever it goes. Contamination.

Remember, children, your real capacity to love. You have deviated from that which is the real purpose of your existences. You have come to this plane with the ability to love, all of you without exception. This is an infinite resource, equal to all. There is no one who is more or less capable of loving, children. All are capable in equal proportion.

As long as you do not learn to love, children, you will continue to be deceived by so many who dictate your ways, by directions that the ego affirms to you and then causes pain and suffering.

All efforts to achieve other accomplishments are in vain, children. They are just distractions of the mind creating illusions and imprisoning each of you in repetitive processes in your life.

Only with the awakening of love, happiness is real and perennial. Surrender to love. Love all you condemn or judge, love yourself and life.

The flame of transmutation works through love, for we can say, children, that only through it is there real forgiveness, the transformation of suffering into joy, of scarcity in abundance, of pain in fullness and of light.

Allow yourself to be guided by the call of your hearts. He will show the way, trust. All illusions imposed on the path will be transmuted, for they will be received lovingly in unity for you.

When they receive lovingly, children, they transmute all the density they carried to judgment, which limited them in capacity for elevation of consciousness and occupied the space in their hearts which naturally should be filled with light and love.

These judgments, damning thoughts, denials, are accumulated in your double-etheric body causing pain in the physical body. It can also be the cause of tumors and diseases.

To address each of these points, children, repeat the HAKATÊ code three times by placing your hands on the affected spot. You will gradually realize that the symptoms are relieved. It is the flame of transmutation working together with the pink light to receive lovingly and thereby remove such restrictions. The energy of this symbol acts on the level of the etheric double, which from there establishes the connection with the physical body and other subtle bodies.

The process is gradual, children. But healing will come from accepting the states of judgment that still carry in their hearts. And as they give space to love, suffering dissolves, and healing happens.

Where there is love there is no pain, and there is no sickness or suffering, children. As I said, where there is love there is nothing. There is only love.

Bring this understanding to you, and release, transmute the pain states with acceptance that you are still apprentices on this road of life, children. You are learning the real meaning of love.

I am Master Pórtia with love

Messenger: Michele Martini -15 and 16 September 2018