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Sunday, September 9, 2018

Purifying our roots - Michele Martini

There is a time when we are faced with the feeling of not knowing what to think about absolutely everything. Or absolutely nothing. What we can say is that we carry a sensation in the chest, a tightening, and the laryngeal chakra with a certain pressure, as if it had a scream to leave and is choked. We do not know what happens, but it causes intense discomfort.

A slight sting on the back of the right side near the ribs accompanies this sensation.

The mind seeks out, seeks solutions to something. But this something is not found. There is nothing for which to find solution. This something does not exist. But the mind seeks something, seeks a reason, seeks justifications, explanations for that feeling, but does not find.

Experiencing the Transformational Therapy technique really is transformative but devastating.

And when I speak of devastation, it is not something negative, but positive. It is a devastation of what we always believe life to be, absolutely everything. It's as if everything is in the process of being destroyed. And the heart seeks for something, it remains needy, lost. The throat complains.

You may come across contradictory feelings, such as the feeling of being lonely, of loneliness and emptiness that bothers you, the tightness in your chest generates it, a feeling of emptiness and of rupture, of ending. But at the same time you would not want to be with someone, would like to remain alone. It is in contradiction.

I can handle the flowers early. Now I realize that the way I can do them is the way I am also being pruned, because I can do them in the extreme. I did a great pruning, reduced them only to the root and a small piece of stem, to be reborn from there.

Ms. Pórtia is with me, helping me to understand this process, she shows how the pruning of flowers is related to my healing process and comes to teach about Transformational Therapy.

This rebirth of the plant will come as a renewal, as I fertilized the earth, gave nutrients to that root that was already weakened and lacking the strength to sustain beautiful flowers. They had been quite weak for some time, with weak stalks and few flowers. But now there is no flower, there are no stems, there are only roots with soil fertilized.

Why is it necessary to prune as intense plants? Because sometimes they weaken and many gardeners remove them completely, to the root, and plant new ones? Can not the root be harnessed if it is properly fertilized and the stems removed?

I feel that there is salvation to the root, for from somewhere the new one must sprout, the base would have to remain. After all, we are still incarnated here in processes of spiritual healing. Removing the whole root would be to commit suicide and end this experimentation, to start another exactly the same but with even more suffering. For all there is salvation, if there is life in the root, from there the new may arise.

The most that can happen is that these roots become more fertilizer, and become land. But the stalks removed, they are already in the process of becoming fertilizer for the new land of the plants of the future.

But not for the plants of the present, they need to breathe, the old stems do not serve them, and they are not prepared to fertilize the earth yet, they need to be mixed with other elements and it will take some time to become fertilizer.

But what does this mean in our lives? Are we not allowing the new to be born in us because we refuse to let go of the stems and flowers? They were beautiful, but they are already withered, it is time to transform and give way to emptiness. For out of emptiness will come the new.

We carry multiple branches, as the plants carry their stems, and these are not eternal, just as the ramifications we carry are not either. They keep us trapped in the cycle of suffering, they hold the illusions in our minds. None of these branches should be maintained, they should all be removed. But one by one.

I feel it is time to remove all of them, to do a drastic pruning, to clean everything. This complete cleansing is necessary to give birth to something completely unexpected. There is no longer any way to sustain old ramifications, so that certain security is maintained. It is necessary to break with all of them, and to experience this emptiness, to take root.

What would it take to be rooted? It would be when we have removed all these external connections and come back to ourselves. But a rooting without fertilizer would be harmful, for we have returned so intensely into ourselves that we can lose ourselves in suffering and effect to catharsis. We will have to face some situations in the midst of the roots that have repeatedly generated the birth of sick stalks. But there is no way to prune the root. The root is our essence. We can not get rid of it.

How to purify the root? How to identify the small veins of this root that are carrying the disease of the plant, and are weakening it?

It is necessary to first remove the stems and flowers, remove the leaves, remove everything!

Remove everything and turn into the root. Now you do not have the distraction of leaves, stem and flowers to occupy your mind. You are bound to look at your essence, for your inner truth. And there is a lot of information that you deny in yourself, there are beliefs, there are conditioned behaviors that keep you trapped in the illusion.

The great difficulty is not in looking at your faults, for you have already noticed looking at your mirrors in this life, in experimenting with relationships, with the world around you. Looking from the outside you have all the resources to identify your faults. But there are still the destructive beliefs and conditioning of the mind that you will not see on the outside. You often expose them from the outside, but you are not able to perceive their action because you are so ingrained with this behavior that it is part of you.

You just notice stems, leaves and flowers getting sick, weakening. But you do not know the real reason this is happening. You can not identify all this. You will only be able to remove all that is exposed, remove leaves, stems and flowers that appear to be healthy and beautiful, but in fact they are not. They are staying healthy only for a short time and then they become ill and weak, and you are not able to keep in balance. It is played in waves, in moments of high and low vibrational and mental, where there are instants that everything is beautiful and you are happy, and others that you lose all its force falling from a ten-story building at one time.

You think: There is no explanation for this! For you have observed your behaviors and your mirrors, and you have dealt with all deviations. There is nothing more that can be done about it. You are not able to identify the cause of these deviations, those ups and downs in your life.

Apparently everything is fine, but still you do not feel good, you feel that something is wrong. And this is felt more intensely when you remove the outer threads, the stems, the leaves and the flowers, it is when you are alone with yourself, far from the external world, that you perceive the processes that take place within you.

There is no set time for this. Some say 21 days, or even a week, or a day. But the fact is that a long period alone is devastating. It is when you do the radical pruning and it remains only the root.

Anyway, the next step will be to understand how to investigate this root. It's just you and her. There are no distractions, nothing to stop. And that's why you feel discomfort, you feel the thirst for transformation. He feels the cardiac and laryngeal chakra intensely screaming for help, asking for extravasation of energy.

Realize how you are now able to identify these processes, the specific points that need to be worked on. Then you can act in a way to release such mental patterns that it carries, transmute them.

Point to the points you feel discomfort, the violet-crystal flame.

Establish a connection between the points identified with the violet-crystal energy. Plasme crystalline violet crystals and attach them to each of the points. Command to remain held and connected to each other in the count of 1 to 3.

These coupled crystals will act to purify and transmute such restrictions as the mental processes and conditioning are dissolved, accentuating the catharsis effect and promoting acceleration of the process. They will be the fertilizer for our root.

The transformation will be perceived because you will no longer have the ups and downs. These purified aspects will be shown through experience gradually. You will be prepared to assume the position of Master of yourself and the energies you carry.

Gratitude for your guidance, inspiration and love for teaching me all this beloved Master Pórtia.

Michele Martini