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Sunday, September 30, 2018

On political elections and separatism - Eurípedes Barsanulfo

How can we live in waves of hate and imbalance as divine beings? It is not possible that in the heat of social transformations we can not find the road that leads to the balance of the heart. The urges of hatred and discord may show, but it is our choice to connect them. We can silence and observe, which makes us appease. The observer learns as a good student everything that is necessary to evolve. But to be wholly an observer, the mental processes will cease, and the ego left aside with pride, which causes the being to always remain to fight.

The growing political discussion in Brazil is born of separation and discord, when all beings connect to their shadows to manifest hatred and unloving.

From revanchism comes separatism and so all humanity goes to its destruction. As the barbarian peoples of the past have done, you are repeating not only acts but also bringing the same sentiment that was the abode of your hearts, to manifest chaos.

Is this future that you want to see manifested to your children and future generations?

We are reaping today the barbaric acts of the past, watching revanchism and hatred dominate. But we still have the opportunity to start over. For at that moment you are free to create the future you desire, from the emotions you cultivate now.

So you're sure that you will continue to cultivate this land of revenge? When will this cycle of repetitions of suffering and separation end?

It will cease from the moment they are able to see themselves as brothers. Not to raise a flag of right or left, but to raise the banner of love and brotherhood, which will make you one energy even stronger to manifest the peace they seek.

Abundance, the eradication of hunger, the generation of jobs, the quality of life with health and joy, will all manifest when they learn to love and to live in a united society to collaborate with each other.

When this individual transformation takes place, it will reach higher levels and gain strength, materializing leaders who represent the society that shows itself.

Everyone wants leaders who meet their individual needs and wants. But they do not realize that individual needs are based on ego and lack of love.

This society is not prepared to receive a leader who will indeed transform suffering in peace. For the population is stuck with acts of the past, repeating patterns of thousands of years of suffering and pain.

Awakening is the only way to a free and fair society. For it makes them capable of co-creating your reality in the collective sphere. This will be the materialization of the New Age.

Eurípedes Barsanulfo

Messenger: Michele Martini - September 30, 2018.