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Monday, September 3, 2018

FAQ - Why do some spiritual groups do not accept us? Who is Zé Pilintra?

Hello, I was not accepted in Vahali Brazil because I was a medium, this led me to be in doubt if I could reconcile the energies of the masters and archangels and my umbanda guides. I have now met this group and I have seen that yes, it is possible to reconcile. He wanted to know how to proceed with developing mediumship in a umbanda center and at the same time continue to receive the help of the ascending masters. One more question, I went to search the site about Ze Pilintra and I did not find anything about it. Do you have any material that talks about him? Gratitude.


Hello dear friend, be received with all love in this egrégora.
We know that each spiritualist or religious group works with its egrégora. And what citations are no different from this, just as it is no different from all religions, which has its different rules and ways of working.
Who directs which way you should go, are your spiritual guides, who will show you the way. A serious work group only allows you to take part if your guides' permission is granted. When there is no permission, you will be refused. For in the first place must be respected the direction of its guides, who work in their spiritual development.
When you are well aligned with them, and you develop your intuition, there will be no doubt, they will guide your path and you will walk only in the direction they take you.
About Zé Pilintra, he brought only a channel that I received in response to a person who sent a question to the masters. Below is the person's question and his response. He talks a little about it, and you can feel the energy that it brings, of great light, as well as the whole egrégora of the Congregation:


I want first to thank you for your work and for the guidance and help of the Masters. They are of great value. The guidance of Archangel Michael helped a lot. Last year I was introduced to Reiki and since then I have not stopped taking courses in energy channeling. At first I applied to some people, but today I do not feel that way. I see people who apparently need help, but I do not want to be a direct channel of energy in me. I have doubts about how to help, since each one chose the experiences that wanted to happen here. I'm afraid of hurting free will. I see that when I try to apply on my son. Today he has cerebral palsy and I try to help him through energy applications, but he seems to be annoying and not liking it. I do not know how to help. This feeling of not wanting to be a channel of energy for everyone, not doing more active work bothers me. Am I being selfish? Am I being passive in the face of the suffering of others? Why procrastinate so much when it comes to spirituality, is it to be an active channel of energy? What have I come to do in this life? Another question is about my marriage. I'm going through a gentle moment with my husband. I feel like I'm not being a good wife. He is a good person, but sometimes I feel that our marriage does not make sense anymore. At that moment I feel lost. Thanks again for everything. Namastê!
Daughter. I am straight and straight. I walk in the light because I walk in the destiny of the heart. I do not cling to the injustices of the world, because I have walked in the dark valleys and know what it is made of. Now I walk in the light, though on the roads inside the dark valleys. I'm your Zé Pilintra. And I will not stay in half-words with the daughter, will you? It's the next, daughter. You go that way because you are helping brothers who have stuck to the valley of the shadows without knowing it. And in this connection sees in your life injustices that suffer, and that feeling makes you want to help the planet. But look daughter, when it was proposed to be a channel of energy set out to work. This energy will come to you whether you like it or not. And if you do not spread it for the good of the planet it will gather in you. And then, my daughter, you have the free will on what to do with your commitment. Do not look at the world as if it were unjust. Because it is not. And one day daughter, you will know that you are not, and you will understand those words. For now daughter, spread this light that radiates. It will be your deliverance.
Zé Pilintra


Michele Martini