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Friday, August 10, 2018

Quantum Labyrinth - Albert Einstein

We do not know for sure what is happening within us. We only know that we are taken by uncontrollable impulses that withdraw us from our state of peace, to unbalance us emotionally.

Why do such impulses work in us, even while we remain in inner peace? Why do we deny such impulses? What happens in this process?

Let us consider the atom. What is it made of? Power.

Then, starting from this understanding, we will learn that energy can be seen in different ways according to personal opinions.

Are you taken aback instantly, at the least sign of discomfort? For you are transforming the atom that was nothing, into something. And to transform it into something, is nothing more than its capacity to create, to manipulate energies.

All beings are transformers of energy, and have in their divine nature, the power of creation. And this creation can be positive or negative.

When we say something is positive or negative, we are not judging, we are only dealing with energy levels. Either the energy is positive or negative. That's quantum, it's physical.

Let us remember the words that had repercussions in various forms of interpretation: "multiply the loaves".

Multiplication is a power of adding energies, of transforming them. We are not talking about positive or negative, but only about multiplication, sum. This multiplied energy can be positive or negative, which we call inferior or supreme.

We have learned that the negative is bad, and the positive is good. But it also depends on the judgment that is put there. Quantum physics explains that there is both positive and negative, just that. Whoever labeled the negative of bad, was humanity.

They are ages of judgment, of condemnation, of rules and impositions. In human conception, what causes pain is considered negative, and what causes joy, positive. But let us think quantically, if indeed everything that has positive energy brings joy.

Is an individual who lives surrounded by positive energies, as you live, cheerful? And is a being who is surrounded by negative energies, just like you, unhappy?

You are all the time surrounded by positive and negative energies, and you connect with that of your choice, of your free choice! And that's the reality. The only truth!

Negatively speaking, you are the cause of your suffering. Yes! You are the cause! Do you know why?

Because in addition to opting for the connection with negative energies, you feed them! Inside!

As long as negative energy exists within you, it will exist outside of you. And so it also works for positive energy. In fact, when I speak of being, it is for you to understand in your language, but the correct thing would be to say that none of this exists.

There is neither positive nor negative. What exists is balance, the union of the two poles. There is no separation. You have created separation, and with it the illusion, and in the illusion you live. Everything around you is illusion.

So you ask me: But is a beautiful flower an illusion?


Why did you call the flower by Beautiful adjective?

And if it were a faded, dark, decomposing flower, would it still be beautiful to you?

When we separate the world into beautiful or ugly, good or bad, and everything else ... we are only increasingly affirming the division we have made between positive and negative.

We look for the positive, and we repel the negative. Do you know why? Because what is causing the repulsion movement is the ego, it is fear, it is the denial of oneself!

But the nature of being is to focus on neutrality between the two energies, and only be between it. To be nothing, to be the neutral.

To be neutral is to be present, to surrender to the state of grace, of peace, of enlightenment.

As long as you are involved in the struggle of duality, repulsion and attraction, denial and judgment, you will remain in suffering, for on neither side will you find the way out of this labyrinth.

You walk to one side and return to the center, and from there you start to try on the other side, but end up returning to the center again. At no time did they turn off the mental processes to give themselves up to the present state, that they were always being led into the center, and there was the place to be in peace where the quest ceases. It was the ultimate goal.

You will always be drawn from one side to the other, but this impulse that makes you go on each side, does not come from the outside, but is something nourished within yourself. This is the incessant quest of being to become something, to achieve a goal, to be happy. But whatever they seek, they will always return to the center, for there is where they should be. And yet, like poor blindfolded puppets, they will continue to grope the walls for the exit. For this impulse to escape has not yet ceased within you. It is the ego to dictate: Do not surrender! Do not give in! You are lost!

But the truth is that you will only find yourself when you surrender, when you cease the movement to find something, and even yourself. For to find you, you have to stop looking. And this search ceases to make sense, it dissolves in time, and becomes part of your experience, raising you in wisdom.

This is the state of surrender, of grace and inner peace, it is the end of the line, the center of the labyrinth, the state of neutrality and non-choice. You do not take any direction, you just remain committed to your presence, and nothing else. That is enough. You have already found the greatest treasure, found yourself.

Albert Einstein

Messenger: Michele Martini - August 10, 2018