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Wednesday, July 4, 2018

There will be no new incarnations on this plane as dual beings - Master Kuthumi

We recommend reading to the sound of: The Healing Frequency Of Love 528hz

Involvement in the processes of pain and suffering of humanity hurts the guidelines of New Age implementation. Many of you run away from the patterns known to society, and so you are not able to feel something that is fed only by illusion. Each time they insist on connecting with this kind of thought-form, they hurt their vibrational fields, by counteracting their nature of light.

Your attitudes need not be accepted or understood, for you are guided by a light that surpasses all that can be divided as right or wrong on this plane. You come to bring the new, and so are the mouthpieces of the divine. There is no need to conform to what is expected, to what is already known. You are not here to please or displease, but to transform.

Faced with their creative truths and essences, all will follow the guidelines for the New Age to manifest. It is enough to be its own essence, without seeking to fit into something already existing. Be free also in material means, just as you are already at the level of the elevated and ascended soul. You have come to show that everything in the dual world is not real, you have come to break the standards and awaken the truth of every soul on this plane.

There will be no new chance, this is the opportunity to awaken the great mass, and the means are here to be used to foster this transformation in all.

Equality permeates all levels. And when we say about the unity and dissolution of duality, we say about everything that manifests life, without exceptions. Everyone has the opportunity for transformation, just listen to the call of their hearts and the voice of their consciences. All carry the resources necessary for the ascension, the awakening.

There will be no setbacks, not even new incarnations on this plane as dual beings.

They will inhabit the New Age only those who unite with the supreme energy of God and take a rising leap. Earth ascends and raises the vibratory pattern, making the environment uninhabitable by many souls that are incarnated today. The quantum leap will come through the purity of hearts, and therefore there is no other way than to radiate divine love through each one, for all will awaken to the great purpose of making a world more beautiful and united in love and peace.

The individual who lives to satisfy the needs of the Ego, the Individual Self, will suffer in the face of so much light that will be anchored on this planet, and this is not so far, children, is something that will manifest itself even while they live their present incarnations.

The New Age is present in many hearts, and the light anchored on a higher level becomes real, transforming the environment into a ground prepared for beings of high irradiance of light. Everything will turn into a really amazing speed, kids. And so, it is time to live your truths, to let your shadows go freely, to be purified in the intense light that radiates from your hearts.

Be true in love to yourself, and radiate your light without fear of manifesting the command of your hearts. Wherever they are, light must permeate all environments and beings. The New Age begins its manifestation in the here and now.


Messenger: Michele Martini - July, 04, 2018.