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Thursday, May 17, 2018

FAQ - What techniques can I use to help people we love without interfering with free will?

Beloved ones, what techniques can I use to help people we love without interfering with their free will? Thank you brothers, for your help.


First, it is necessary to observe the real intention of the aid, if it is to relieve your own learning path, for your own benefit, or for the other. Usually, we are led to seek help for family members, or for those who live with us, to ease our own burden, forgetting the understanding and acceptance that each person tracks the road according to one´s proper time. 
When we are not sure that we are completely devoid of self-will, or of some personal expectation regarding the treatment of the patient with whom we have a connection, it is indicated that we direct the patient to other therapist, free of any type of connection. Still, every therapist needs to develop their intuition, their connection to the spiritual support team, whenever they work deeper issues attached to soul records and emotions. Only by working according to the guidance of mentors and spiritual friends it is possible for the therapist to be sure not to interfere with the patient's free will. This is an important aspect, because it is a protection not only to the patient, but especially for the therapist, who will not enter into karmic matters that are not solved, creating karma for him/herself. Thus, the therapist will have to be in perfect connection with higher aspects of his/her essence, so that it does not act in a way to compromise his/her own evolution and that of the patient, when working with techniques that move the registers of the soul and deal with emotions purification. 
There are other techniques, however, that bring relief to the patient without disturbing the root of the emotions. They are body adjustment techniques, aural field cleaning and energizing that helps to balance. Such techniques, such as yoga, reiki, at lower levels, among others, are techniques that assist in walking without moving the records of soul, the deepest fears. These techniques help, however, by maintaining the restriction so that the patient himself works his cure, in his time. They need to be performed frequently, because they work only as an accompaniment, which brings relief in the walk, and does not need a mediumistic development for its accomplishment.
For techniques that work with the akashic record, with karma and spiritual connections, there is a need for the therapist to establish a deeper spiritual connection so that there is no commitment on the part of any of the parties involved in the healing process.