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Saturday, March 24, 2018

The Liberation of the Divine Being - Elohim Astrea

It is time, my children, for the light to enter your heart. You vibrated for a long time in energy from shadows and lower perspectives that did not allow you to reach higher flights.

But today, my children, I come to remind you that heaven is not the limit of the immensity that can reach its strength and light when you follow its purpose.

The purpose of Being, my children, causes them to rise to high dimensional levels in vibrations so subtle that they will protect them from any opposing forces.

Remember, beloved ones, that the forces of light walk with you and in you when you allow love to overflow.

To be your own purpose, children, is to allow the flow of love to exhale the perfume in the charged mental environments of suffering. It is to purify all the curing restrictions of illnesses and emotional traumas that have carried eons for a long time.

You, dear children, are here to release all the restrictions that prevent you from reaching a higher ascending level. And so, beloved ones, walking with your purpose will unlock the latches that kept you in a state of weakness and suffering.

You will continue to suffer until the ceaseless requests for help cease to give rise to the birth of a greater force, unknown to their personalities, since it had never been manifested before in the matter.

When you give place to the overflowing love of the heart, removing all kinds of blockages you may have created to sabotage the radiate of your light, you will find in that river of light to flow, the force necessary to unlock the creative and fulfilling process in your lives.

Each step of your walk, children, is an additional experience to complement in the construction of a new Being that is reborn from the purity, light and essence of the Creator.

You are the representations of this light, walking the Earth, enclosed in the cages that you created by the restraining power of your minds. You have become accustomed to the process of living prisoners of yourself and enslaved in the grids of mental control of repetition and suffering.

As long as there is the insistence on the search for external help for its own realization, healing and happiness, the enclosure of its own light will remain.

Free yourself from responsibility for your actions. Watch your reactions. Let them be the teachers of themselves to cease the food of the ego that inverts values and rules within the gaze of matter, which manifests only illusion.

The freed and confident gaze before life gives way to the shining of its own light, to the direction in the way of its purpose and liberation from the restrictions.

This is the way of the soul in this plane, and therefore it manifests itself in the carnal body to live such an experience, to be reborn from the debris of the lower shadow to radiate from the light itself in a glorious process of discovery of the Divine Being.

It is the New Human that arises.

And so it is

Elohim Astrea

Messenger: Michele Martini - March 24, 2018.