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Monday, March 5, 2018

The Game of Life - Osho

We have received a reader's question about therapeutic techniques and why they do not bear fruits in people's lives. The questions were due to people not know what to do to resolve panic attacks, depression, anxiety and so many other problems, even with so many theories. He wondered why, even knowing that the subconscious is so powerful, we do not know how to reprogram it to live a better and effective life. 

Osho answered us below:

This doubt is what most haunts therapists and patients, and all humanity that really wants to heal themselves.

But the truth is that the healing process needs to go through a few steps. The souls incarnated here on this plane have come to fulfill a purpose of bringing together experiences in the form of wisdom in their supreme soul group, and for this it is necessary to experience all the constraints of matter.

If there were a solution to all the problems, I could say that it is not to enter the orb of Planet Earth, because everything that you relate in your question is typical only of this plane. These experiences are possible to be experienced only here, that's why you are all here in this school, together to learn.

Remember that you are extensions of a greater energy. And you can live all this theater of life equipped with this powerful weapon, which is the understanding of the role you represent here, and that you are linked to this greater energy, for you are only a small manifestation of it.

It is like when you put your hand to touch a fruit, you touch the fruit and feel its texture, it is an experience not of your hand, but of your mind. Your mind needed to use the resource of the hand touch to understand what a fruit looks like, as well as your lips and mouth for tasting, as well as the eyes to identify the shape.

In that same reasoning, you are the arms, eyes, lips, limbs of a greater energy, and you are just experimenting so the wisdom is absorbed. For as long as you keep  thinking you are just the arm, or the eyes, or the lips, you will continue to experience bouts of anxiety and all sorts of mental and physical illnesses. And by that you will get no wisdom, but only suffering.

But when you awaken to the truth that you are just part of something much more grandiose, life becomes fun, you do not get involved in suffering and you learn how to play the game of life. Life is like a game, if you play it thinking that it is reality, forgetting that it is just a game, you will suffer. But if during the whole game you are aware that you are just a player to try something new, then life will be fun.

What is lacking in all humanity is this awakening of consciousness, which we reaffirm in so many messages and letters sent, and which is the great discovery obtained by each one when they realize that they were foolish in giving importance to some small details of that experience, which nothing represented before the truth of life.

Life, my children, is like a big carousel. If you keep sitting on the horse going round and round thinking that this is your life, it will become bland, lifeless, for it is all about you going round and round and repeating experiences. Something will not fit, you will get tired of this process and you will want to change. But you dream of reaching the front horse, you dream of getting a better horse, or you also make plans in your mind for one day to get resources that will make your life more comfortable in the process of riding the horse.

But at no time did you wake up to the truth that it was just a merry-go-round, a fun joke, and that you're not the knight who's riding a horse, but you're just a visitor who decided to stop by to experience what this game is like . And then one day you can jump off the horse and go play on the Ferris wheel or the roller coaster to get more experiences and have some more fun.

Life can be fun, children, as long as you awaken to the truth, to the only truth: that you are just passing through and in this short time around here you can enjoy the landscape, have fun, celebrate, because after all the biggest goal is to experience, then why depriving yourselves of life, why depriving yourselves of the joy of living?

Life is beautiful and must be lived in all its intensity, and that is liberation.

Liberation, children, is that which exists only within you, and not within the reach of the material gaze. For it must accompany you wherever you go, whether you are on this planet or another, but wherever you walk you will remember that you are free and that is what will turn you away from the state of suffering.

Life, my children, is beautiful as it is. It's life on Earth, children! Life on earth is like this, it is full of its peculiarities, its pains and displeasures, its joys and sins, all kinds of information that characterizes it and differentiates it from other places in the universe, and for that reason is unique and special.

Awaken to the truth that you are here for a short time to enjoy the journey; and delight in the experience of living!


Messenger: Michele Martini - March 05, 2018.