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Monday, March 26, 2018

The dissolution of the ego through the radiation of love - Mother Mary

We recommend reading to the sound of: Schubert - Ave Maria (

May the blessings of love bring peace to your bodies, minds and hearts.

Dear children, it is known by your hearts the capacity you have to love. And that love, children, is the energy that moves you in this life, the fuel that allows you to walk on the most conflictive roads of your emotions.

Realize, dear ones, that it is the very energy of love that can accomplish unimaginable feats in your life, those great achievements that would leave the ego to find no strength to dictate the rules in your days, when simply love remains as a shield protecting you, a lantern illuminating your ways in the face of the difficulties of life.

Each step in this journey is filled with much love and leaves the mark of the eternal light that signs your commitment to the divine laws and to your mission in that plane. Everyone has the mission of radiating love, children.

Then I remind you of your infinite nature of the soul, of your divine purpose, and of the strengths gained in this journey, through your experiences, where you let love fill a larger portion of your being each time, while the ego is being withdrawn of your identity.
Perceive all the manifestations of the small parcels of ego that still remain trying to dim your brightness, sabotaging your walk into the light. And act immediately, invoking the energy of love and healing.

I will be extending my mantle of love over you, children, to remind you of your true nature, dispelling the shadows of the mind that seek to find a doorway for the ego to lodge, transforming your lives into a cycle of repetitions of shadows and suffering.

Your mother is in favour of love, of the radiance of what is beautiful and sublime of the soul, in the awakening of a higher, unique and resplendent in light being, whose I am mother, since it is part of me, children. And so I come to reinforce this birth, so that you give space to the arrival of these new beings who are your nature, but who are still overshadowed by the ego and the deceitful shadows of the mind.

Make room for the manifestation of life, light and love within your hearts. Bring love and light to those who still can't find the way. For all of you, beloved children, are seeds of the Creator, and you will inevitably find your nature of light in the midst of the debris of a personality that has gone, gradually.

It turns out that, my dear ones, some of you deny your own inner nature, and let yourselves be carried away by the ego's wants for a long time. And, children, the more time you allow yourselves to be carried away by illusions, the greater will be the effort to find truth and light.

You, awakened children, will still live with brothers on distant levels from the soul awakening, but you are on their way to show through love and resignation the greater laws of God, and that it is possible to follow on this road of life allowing the truth to be exposed and light your ways.

There is nothing to fear, children. But in the face of the shadows of those who stand in your way shine your light even more, outshining all the darkness, and strengthening your purpose on this plane. Recognize your ability to transform all that exist into light, my children, and be yourselves the manifestation of divine wisdom on this plane, which unfolds here in small representations that are you, beloved ones, but that through a full connection established with Him in your hearts, there are no lasting shadows or ego that will stand firm in your walk, there will be only light and dissolution of illusion, forgiveness and love.

Be the light of the way shining every step of your life and allow that same light to shine before the curious glances of those who still carry their shadows. Trust in your ability to shine love and be yourselves the full manifestation of it. For this is your primordial energy and the force that moves you, my children.

Be involved in my mantle of love and protection,

I am your Mother Mary

Channel: Michele Martini - March 26, 2018.