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Saturday, March 3, 2018

Regarding the meditative state and the contemplation of nature - Lady Amaryllis

Children, any movement that invades your hearts and minds, taking you out of the present moment, is the demonstration of the ego invading your processes of inner balance and disconnection with suffering.

The ego prevents you from living the here and now, enjoying life, it creates illusions and mental processes so that you are kept following the great flow of energy from planetary suffering.

But this ego is not a character or a being that acts in you, but rather the manifestation of the suffering of the energetic mesh of the planet within you. As you meditate and elevate your thoughts, the energetic mesh energy continues its flow, and connects with those who are unprepared and not aware of their existence and influence.

So, beloved children, you ask me how to be protected against this negative flow of energy from the matrix that ceaselessly passes through you, and how you prevent these energies from connecting to you.

And I come to tell you, beloved children, that you will get the complete disconnection of this matrix only by raising your thought to the One. This raising the thought to the One is not only the act of entering into a state of meditation and imagining a greater energy up there , positioned in the distance, but rather begin to identify the small manifestations of the One around you, in all forms of existence.

A plant does not connect to the mesh of suffering, neither does an animal, children. A flower remains beautiful to perfume, and insects to pollinate nature, birds to fly and sing, the sea to move, the wind to sway the leaves of the trees in perfect harmony. None of this fails to follow their flow and their purpose of existence for being exposed to the planetary mesh of suffering, for they are indifferent to their influence and so do not connect with stitches of the mesh because they have nothing to identify with such patterns of suffering. They have simply set the ego aside to just be what they are.

You reach sublime and pure, very high states of consciousness when in meditation. But the maintenance of this state of peace and interior silence, of meekness before the life, is the great obstacle to reach, my children. This is the great object of suffering of many of my children who still do not realize that the meditative state is the contemplation of every point of manifestation of the Creator's Unity around you and that reinforces the feeling of Unity, of belonging. It is the acceptance of your present state in matter, where you are manifested as representations of a supreme energy, but from this understanding will come the discovery that you are not alone, my beloved children. There will come the discovery that you are only a small thread that unfolds from the supreme energy, but that there are still many like you in various forms of life of different dimensions, which are connected to you so you may strengthen yourselves out of this union.

For this, my children, follow life observing the movements of nature, observe the manifestations of the One in your hearts and in what's around you, and thus the movements of the ego will not find space to manifest in you, for you are aligned with the Source of Light and the energy of planetary Divine Essence, in all its forms of life and examples of Oneness with the Creator.

The pain of the ego will always seek to draw you from your center of balance, making you forget that you are part of a greater energy, and that the present moment anchored in your hearts will cause you to be connected with all manifestations of the energy of the Light of God which are represented in so many forms in nature.

You can not see with the eyes of matter, my children, but you would be surprised if you could observe the quantity of beings and manifestations of life and light that surround you, and that you’re always walking with the elements of nature. From the comprehension and understanding that these energies exist and are part of you, start connecting with them.

When you are close to a plant, observe it with the eyes of the heart, which will cause you to feel the presence of all the elements of life that are there, that can be invoked by you, felt and loved, so that you bring in your hearts always the reminder that God is everywhere, manifested in all forms of life and energy.

Be Light, my children, take it upon yourselves and live a life free from pain and suffering only by being what you are in the here and now. Allow the flow of life and free yourselves from the rules and impositions, follow the flow of the purpose of life surrendering to the Creator and his manifestations, which are in fact, my children, the Creator Himself manifested to you.

Strengthen this connection with the divine purpose in each of you by observing the beauty of manifested life, and so remain connected to the lofty thoughts that will protect you from any and all influence of pain and suffering on the planet.

Follow in peace, beloved children.

I'm Lady Amaryllis

Channel: Michele Martini - March 3, 2018