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Monday, March 19, 2018

Planetary energy maintenance - Arcturian Group

Dear brothers, greetings.

We are the Arcturians, and we come to talk to you to remember the sweet side of life, the beauty contained in experiences that you live all the time and that were forgotten in time.

We remind you of the purity of your hearts, so you may find in the depths of this great guardian of love all the wisdom necessary to keep yourself in balance, in a state of peace, during this implantation of the New Age.

We are reminding you that you have here on your planet abundance in life and resources, all that is necessary to heal all the problems of humanity.

We have come to you, and we are provisionally helping you, as you do not remember your divinity, which as soon as remembered, will unlock access to all the information of wisdom contained in your soul and planetary records.

We have come to help you but always using the resources made available by the life-abundant planet that is your home, and manipulating the energies with wisdom for the healing and planetary liberation.

We would like to remind you of the power contained within each of you so that you understand that, soon, our help will not be needed as you complete the process of cleansing emotions and information that you carry as traumas of past lives.

You are powerful sources of creation and transformation of your environment. And that's important to know, brothers, so you may be aware of your own actions on this plane.

As you are one with God the Father-Mother and Universal Source of Life, you have the power of creation and transformation, which makes your environment transformed. And so we are here, because you, unconscious of your ability and your power, radiate negative energies through your thoughts of suffering, complaint, doubt, criticism, and all harmful behaviors contrary to the energy of love and light.

The journey of your lives, brothers, will always bring you to meeting with the purity of your hearts, but as you walk, you leave crumbs on the road, causing many times irreversible consequences to your planet. And when this occurs, you observe the great natural events working on the energies of your plan so they are cleansed and purified. To reverse the poles of energy, my brethren, which you have left unbalanced.

We are currently working on releasing dense energies, crumbs left by you, brethren, consequences of your destructive thoughts and acts in your routines and the walking in pursuit of happiness.

While you search for happiness, you leave traces of sadness and discontent, which somehow need to be cleaned. And so that your lives do not always remain parked to suffer even more, my brothers, we are here working on the demagnetization of those energies that are left by the way, which you can observe to manifest in electromagnetic discharges in the sky.

We are working towards the energy cleaning of all the accumulated density, which reaches such a high level of accumulation that it would begin to cause damage to your planet, my brothers.

All the time we are working on such cleansing and demagnetization of energy density. And so, dear brothers, we call you to the responsibility, so you act in your lives aligned with the work of light, now that you are aware of the consequences of your actions. We know that by being aware of the truths we bring to you, you will collaborate by working on your own emotions and thoughts, joining us in this work of cleansing and maintaining planetary energy.

This is your home, my brothers, watch over your home by purifying your thoughts, doing the part that fits you in this wonderful web of life.

We do not ask for great deeds here, but we ask all earthly brethren to recognize your ability to purify your planet through inner cleansing, watching over your thoughts, moderating your acts, so that you are always based on love and humility, forgiveness and peace.

We entrust to you, brothers, this truth, so that you may join us in behalf of the liberation of the planet from all suffering and density.

We are the Arcturian Group of Light

Channel: Michele Martini - March 19, 2018.