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Thursday, March 8, 2018

Energies of Jupiter: Recognizing the Light Interior for the New Age - Archeia Constance

Beloved children

Look at yourselves as small representations of the Source, just as you are.

Do not forget your own light. For this light, my children, radiates from your heart as you believe and give intensity to its manifestation.

Realize, my beloved, that when you pray you are directing good thoughts to the Universe, and in gratitude you will also receive more light, like the law of cause and effect governing your planet.

Beloved, let the pretense of being great let every step take place as your faith strengthens. For greatness has always been the nature of those who are the seeds of God, and in this there is no differentiation, we are all equal, my children. But the discovery of greatness itself comes as the light is generated within itself, when it unlocks access to it through the transmutation of its own imperfections and healings at the level of soul registration.

You carry information, children, that make you believe that grandeur is in some characters or ways of acting in life, but gradually that belief will be dissolved as you discover within yourself the beings of immense magnitude and light that they are.

The little ones are the great ones, and those who stand out in the crowd are just characters in a story, who as a consequence of their own lives are there to fulfill their mission. There is nothing to be mirrored, for the truth is that each one reaches the magnitude seeking within himself for the small points and aspects that make them great, and that are gradually opening up, so that they can understand and assimilate the walk.

The road that leads in life, children, is of utmost importance in the face of the goal you will reach in the end, and when you focus on the goal, seeking to be something, you forget the daily learning of light and love that is part of your lives, and which are the most valuable contributions of this experience, of Gaia, to his growth and wisdom. Remember to enjoy the path and let yourself feel and soak in the rivers of light that are discovered at every step.

Each inner healing, my children, when performed in you, brings an unblocking that allows you to access another portion of light of your own being that you could not reach before. And this moment of discovery of yet another portion of light, of yet another glorious aspect of the Source shines in you, must be felt and recognized so that you then come into contact with this new truth that shows itself.

As a new day, my children, will be understood only the appreciation of all the light obtained and unlocked in the previous step, and that at that moment must be felt. The anchored energy of light in each of you in this New Age must be observed, felt, appreciated, so that you begin to recognize the New Being that is born in the face of so much density that you carried, my children.

With this recognition, my beloved, you can take possession of your gifts, experience that power of love and light that now vibrates in you and can be used. Recharge your energies by observing within yourself and using the acquired power of purification and regeneration of your bodies in health, light, and balance.

I am Archeia Constance and I bring these brief words to be understood as truth by each one of you at this end of the journey of discovery of yourselves, for it is when you will anchor the light that will descend on your planet with more intensity by Jupiter.

Receive this light with love, welcome it as part of you, and understand that it needs you to recognize the inner light and use it in your lives to reaffirm your strength and prevent the effect of catharsis in a collective way.

Receive this energy of light gradually daily and reassure yourself by recognizing your inner divine power and expanding and strengthening it with the practice of that invocation and daily gazing into your spark of light.

Every healing process, my children, brings intense feelings to the exposition, but should not be experiences of suffering and pain, and if they are, it is only the failure to invoke their Inner Light, to recognize their power as Divine Seed, and radiate within itself and also to the external.

This invocation, children, is not only in the moments that will silence the mind and call for an inner greater force, but it is to each breath, every look, every step every day, where they must remember its light, before all the facts that are exposed to you must sustain that light, and reaffirm to you its nature.

This will keep you aligned with your truth, and let the energies of Jupiter descend upon you in perfect harmony and symbiosis, and unite in one for energetic compatibility. This will make this process sweet and light, glorious and radiant with light.

Follow in peace and radiate in the golden light.


Messenger: Michele Martini - March, 08, 2018.