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Sunday, March 4, 2018

Be my light and my love - Mother Mary

We recommend reading to the sound of: Schubert - Ave Maria -

May the blessings of love bring peace to your bodies, minds and hearts.

My beloved children,

It is known by each of you, at the level of the supreme heart united with God, that each step of your walk leaves a mark on your history.

And it is precisely for this reason that I come to speak to you, beloved children, so you may understand the intensity of your acts, as you radiate more light around you, how great your journey becomes, purifying every bit of your history, and humanity's.

As you walk along the road of life at a slow pace, floating steps, almost without touching the ground, my beloved children, love and light leap into your thoughts, and you smile to purify the energetic mesh of pain from the past, beloved ones.

Remember that regardless of the road you have traveled to get here, and the efforts you have had to raise yourself in light, yet most important, children, is to preserve your light. And I see so many of you, children, moving on the road of life seeking elevation in moments of despair and pain, of imbalance and anxiety in the face of the challenges that life poses, while not realizing that, if you are in such a situation of imbalance, children, it is because you have forgotten all the learning you've achieved.

You, my beloved, think that the brief moments of connection with the light are sufficient to exalt your life of achievements and balance, but what I come to remind you of, dear children, is that such moments of meditation, prayer and exaltation to light just come to remember and rekindle your inner light, to remind you of your inner power. But what is most important in this journey, children, is the perennial memory in your routine of these moments of full radiance, of the miracle and beauty of life.

You suffer, my dear children, because you forget us, you forget God, you forget the energy of loving and welcoming mother that I radiate in you. And this is so, my dear ones, because you still think that these divine energies are separate from you, that you do not have them to be born in your hearts, but that you need our help to bring this light and loving energy to you, beloved ones.

What I say to you, children, is that every moment that I am with each of you, my dear children, is just to strengthen the bonds between us, so that you become accustomed to your full state of light. And if you can feel me, children, it is because my loving energy of light vibrates in you, in your hearts.

Everytime you call my name, the bonds between us are tightened, my children, and this strengthens in you my energy, which is not only mine, but yours too. I have an abode within each one of you, beloved ones. And my loving and motherly request is that you may be my voice, that you may be my word and my eye, may you be my hands helping a brother, may you be my protective mantle receiving a heart in suffering.

My lightworker brothers, you all are light and love workers, and you must recognize this capacity within each of you, beloved ones. So that my purpose in manifestation in this plan may be fulfilled, so that I may leave my seed to germinate within each one in your hearts, manifesting my eternal energy.

Be eternal, my beloved, for when you accept receiving this light and assume to yourselves that you hold this power, you become eternal, just as my beloved son and I are, so are you. Each one of you is a divine seed of light shining in the midst of darkness, and enlighten the sickest hearts weary of suffering, my beloved.

I am here to inspire you, in love and sweet words, in protection and affection, to bring this light to your brothers, so that you may be my body manifested in this plane.

There is no reason for me to return in flesh to this plan, children, for I am already living in your hearts forever, and all of you are my flesh, manifested on Earth, fulfilling the divine purpose of remembering how glorious and full of miracles life is. I give you the ability to heal, the ability to love and perform miracles in my name. Always, my beloved children, call on my name and radiate your light, manifesting miracles through the love and charity that dwells in your hearts, so you can strengthen that bond that we have, which is eternal.

The most important mission of this life, children, besides the fulfillment of commitments of the matter, is to accomplish all this while being radiated of love, and for that connect with me.

I am Mary, your mother

Channel: Michele Martini - March 4, 2018