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Tuesday, August 1, 2017





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Dear Masters, I met a man recently, with whom I felt a very strong connection since the beginning, although sometimes the way we relate is not very easy. Maybe we've already linked up in a past life. We had a very fast approach and we had intense moments, in a phase in which possibly none of us would be very well emotionally. Suddenly his attitude changed, and I believe it was not related to loss of feeling, but perhaps by other motivations. At this moment we try to maintain a friendship. It was not easy for me to deal with this situation, and I would like to know what purpose or learning we should draw from this relationship. Thanks a lot.


Daughter, the experience you have lived is transitory in the face of the immense learning of your soul. Just focus on seeking within yourself your balance, and the answer of why you let yourself go emotionally, without first loving yourself. Learning is only self-observing, understanding that another short piece of your material experience has come to show you that you need to love yourself with all your heart. These experiences are necessary, because they will take you more and more to look within, are positive and will bring maturity and learning. Remain light on the opportunities that life brings for learning, my child. I wrap you in my protection cloak.

I am your Mother Mary



Beloved Masters! Gratitude for all the guidance and blessings I receive every day. I feel that I have been changing positively since I began to attend with Reiki. I have tried to take better care of myself, especially in the energy part. When I am caring for people, I feel empathy, I am able not to judge, and I feel a love that I did not even know existed. I get to feel the expansion of my cardiac chakra during the Reiki sessions! I have been presenting a very good energy stability, being able to stay calm, in peace, and dealing well when things do not go exactly "well". However, last Friday I had a very bad day, I could not keep calm in the face of a very small and ridiculous situation. I've been calming down over the course of the day and then I became better, but I have a concern about this episode: Was it external energy interference? I have been very careful to protect myself energetically during Reiki sessions, but I wonder if this is enough, or do I need to be more careful? Or was it something internal, something mine, some energetic release? Thank you in advance and request your protection!


Hail, daughter! In every energy treatment without realizing it, daughter, you merge with the energies of the one you are taking care. You need to anchor and release. But you can still get in touch with deep energies you do not understand. This contact is given by the law of resonance. Something within you identifies with the pain of the one you take care, with all your heart. This identification, this resonance, may well destabilize you, but it is also part of your own healing process. The healer is not the only one to heal, but is often healed by the patient's pain. The procedure is this, daughter, from your intuition, learn to stabilize, radiate love to yourself. This is the process of deep knowledge of yourself. And so it is.

Pai Joaquim de Aruanda



When I got pregnant I did not feel the earth beneath my feet, because I did not expect any of this at that moment of my life, but even then I did not try to do anything to take the babies away. As the days passed I settled and I began to accept that this was all true, but I felt since the beginning, that when I really loved them, they would leave, I felt as if God had sent them to change me, and I really felt that when I start to love them, with all the love that exists, they would be gone. Now I really feel changed by them. But why did they have to leave so soon? Why did my Marias come to change me? Did all this happen because they had some mission?


Greetings, Daughter. Everything in this life is learning, and experiences come precisely to change us.
Imagine a cell full of bars; That's how you live. And each of these experiences draws a bar. And every time a bar like that is knocked over, you get closer to your freedom. The love of a mother is liberating. It releases our self love. From the love we feel, we learn to overflow this feeling, losing the fear of loving. You lived something that completes you. Just accept the experience in peace, for others will come. The experiences, all of them, are necessary to our liberation, as long as we know how to have that look. And your vision is correct. They have come to help you, but they have not gone as you think, they continue to love you.

I am Mary Magdalene



Beloved Masters, I am in a process of re-signification of my life. I went through a moment of hurt over people and practices, which claim to bring unconditional love to heal. Because I felt that most of the sense was mechanical and only focused on technique. Since then, I realized that I carry with me some resentment, and my practice as a therapist has been shaken. I would like help to signify everything I need, and to consistently spread unconditional love in the world. For this, I ask for guidance in this process of resignification and in my work as a therapist. Gratitude and infinite love for us.


Daughter, the technique is very positive as a guide for you to seek your inner truth and the way you work. The technique is brought by those who have passed through the learning and serve as a guide to follow, there is nothing wrong with that. The mistake lies in only relying on technique and no longer seeking the voice of your heart, to listen to your intuition. You can apply the technique and gradually find more and more the channel of communication with your I Am, with your mentors and guides, who will show the new, which will give the seasoning, something more in the treatment. There is no need to abolish technique, for it is necessary, and is maintained even by those who have fully connected with intuition itself. Just make this path light, without so many charges and criticisms, right, dear?

I am Rowena

Channeled answers and material reviewed by the volunteer staff of the Congregation for Peace and Transformation. - February 2018.

Translation: Marcela Cerávolo