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Monday, July 31, 2017





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Hello, dear Masters and channels. Grateful for caring, love and attention. I come to you for help and guidance. My life has been locked up for a long time. No choice, I have to live with my father, and I spend a lot of my time looking after my niece. This all makes me feel stuck, overwhelmed, embarrassed, and often leaves me agitated and nervous. I am a young man of 42 years full of dreams, with desire to fly. I want to set me free and spread my light throughout the world. I did not advance in my career and consequently in other areas. Nor am I able to visualize a prospect of a new job in what I have graduated in and what I have been working on. Another day, I had the intuition that I have the vocation to be a therapist and to work with people's well-being, more precisely a yoga teacher as a profession, since I feel that I have the right profile and energy. I would very much like to follow this path. What do I do to set me free, to leave my home, to acquire my independence, and to take on life in every way. Show me the way. Thank you.


Son, the only way to attract abundance into your life, to allow it to show you the wonderful opportunities for you, is to accept what is already part of your life, recognizing it as the manifestation of abundance in the present moment. Take a look at the experiences in your current life situation and identify the learning opportunities you are letting go. No experience in this life should be considered as less important in your soul path. A good job is no more important than the present-day experience, where you have the opportunity to work out old constraints that prevent you from opening more experiences in your life. If you surrender to the present moment, look around and work on acceptance, you will realize how you will gradually attract new opportunities, without expectation, but will come naturally, as you accept abundance in the now.

I am Saint Germain



Hi, Masters, I have a problem that has afflicted me since I was a child, which is the overweight. I have tried several times and in many ways to do diets and exercises, but without success. I suffer from binge eating, and unfortunately I do not know how to control myself in the face of this strong will to eat. I find myself addicted to food, and I do not know what else to do. I feel desperate because I only see it worse and, frankly, I am afraid of where this will end. I know that some lesson I have to take from it, that I must learn something, but I have no idea what it would be, and time is passing. I'd like to ask you for guidance if you can tell me what I can do to get rid of it. Always grateful!


My dear sister. Every human being on this planet attaches himself to his restrictions from a point of collective restraint. And you, my child, chose the gluttony to overcome. It could be avarice, greed, lust, and so many others. Do not judge yourself for it. Just understand that you are able to overcome because you have chosen it. And, like everyone else, you're also struggling to transcend your own constraints. And that's the way. What can help you, daughter, is to change the way of thinking that binds you to it. This way of thinking is based on the fear of not having enough to feed. It is an inner fear, which is deep inside, that leads you to reserve for tomorrow. The whole form of planetary restraint is based on fear. We will go through two simple exercises to start observing. Whenever you feel hungry, remember that your body can stay up to two days without feeding. It was designed for this. And you do not have to worry. Eat just enough for now, you will have two days for the next meal. We are not saying that you should wait for two days, but that you change your way of thinking. A second point is to understand that your body tells you what it does well or not. After meals stop for 20 minutes in meditation. So that you feel what each food causes to your energy. If you feel heavy, distressed, or if the food has brought you well-being. So choose the ones that make you feel good. Now, daughter, there is a deeper point to be worked on. Focus on your sexual chakra. Imagine daily the violet light working on it and then rising up to the solar plexus, in the region of the stomach. The violet flame rises and descends, purifying all its lower chakras. At the end repeat, but now with the golden flame, to bring you balance. Do this exercise always at dawn and dusk, and whenever you feel the compulsive thoughts returning. You are your own healing, just modify the forms of thought to which it binds. Allow time for the process, but persist, persist, and persist, even if time and time fall into temptation, persist, and do not judge yourself by the falls. They are part of the healing process. Be in peace.

I am Kumara



Good morning, masters! I need a word, a light, something that can make me understand, why I cannot find a companion for my life. I've been single for 17 years. I go out with a few people, but when I think it's going to work out with someone, it turns out so bad, that it does not go any further. When I met someone who also wanted to stay with me, it was all very intense, and suddenly things turned upside down. We love each other, but we still cannot stay together. Is there a reason why?


Daughter, hear something parsimoniously, be anchored in your self-love. In our lives we have a brake and an accelerator ahead of us. We choose which one we want to step on. And how do we do that? With our anxiety. Fear and wishes are brakes. The flow, the release and the trust, are the accelerators. When we enter into something with great expectation, we create resistance. And resistance is the brake. That's why the projects do not go. And then the cycle restarts. The learning cycle. And what is the cycle? Learn your own loneliness, learn to be well with yourself and then enter into a relationship, but not one that completes you, but rather, that complements you, that adds, but that does not serve to sustain you. But for this, two things are important: The absence of expectation with the result, and the delivery to the results. It's just the mind, daughter. Take the mind off. Be in peace.

I am Lady Master Nada



Good Morning. First of all, I want to thank you for all the loving responses I have received from you. I become very happy by each answer I receive, because they make me feel loved as I am, and this contributes a lot to be peace with myself and with my way of being. Today I would like to ask you that you help me to see what I do not want to see, because I am in a relationship with a man who doesn't love me, but I continue with him anyway. We had met before, but there were so many gossips about him, that I gave up on the relationship, more to look dignified in the eyes of others than on my own. So I remained attached to him emotionally, and longing to have the opportunity to be together again, even if it was only to end a relationship that I felt unfinished within me. Now I'm with him again, but even realizing that there is no love there, maybe not on my part, I still do not want to end this relationship. Gratitude!


Daughter, ask yourself why have you gotten back to a relationship, that you would not want to carry on? Is it true that you would not like to carry on? What do you expect from love? Do you expect it to be a feeling that leads you to unbalance and uncontrolled self? Something overwhelming? What do you mean by love? Try to understand the meaning of love for yourself. Understand what you expect from someone, and why you expect something. Is it not the expectation of something you have to seek within yourself? Try to find within yourself this explosion of will to live the life that projects in the other and that you call love. This feeling dwells only inside you.

I am Lady Master Nada

Channeled answers and material reviewed by the volunteer staff of the Congregation for Peace and Transformation. - February 2018.

Translation: Marcela Cerávolo