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Thursday, February 1, 2018

The Duality and the Resounding Heart - Sanat Kumara

Dear children,

Experience in matter gives you the illusion of separation from the Creative Source, so you can feel your own connections to the Light. Duality imposes concepts on your mind about judgments and beliefs, based on patterns already known by human logic.

Duality allows you to self-evaluate, to learn from your experiences, without them not manifesting immediately in the environment where they live, due to the density of your planet. In the higher spheres, the manifestation is instantaneous of that which resonates in the heart.

Life in matter is a unique experience of seeking its own light, the power to create from its own learning in connection with the inner light. It is the mind that imposes restrictive standards upon your hearts, children.

Understand that experience in the matter gives you what resonates in your hearts. Through your emotions you attract all you desire, but as you are rooted in the Self-personality, you allow this magnetic energy to resonate in a way that conflicts with the heart. As you allow the Light to guide your ways, you will understand that the divine manifestation does not need strategies or means designed to make it happen.

Everything in the universe is a great flow, without resistances, where there is the constant balance of the forces of Alpha and Omega. Everything is completed through emptiness, because it finds the form for its manifestation.

The mind does not understand this transcendental form, and in this context, the Personality Self assumes the standards imposed and accepted by duality, covering all the beauty of creation.

Through your hearts you will find the abode of love, wisdom and divine will, and in this trinity you will be able to understand your cosmic origin as divine beings. All this knowledge is given to you from the silencing of the mind, from the detachment of the beliefs that they are not divine beings, endowed with creative power.

Meditation is the key to the opening of the doors of the soul, my children, listen to your inner and allow the flow of this divine energy.

Assuming your lights and allowing the divine flow through your bodies, is the great mission of experience in matter. Do not be afraid to be who you are, do not fear the brightness of your light, for it is the divine will that manifests itself.

Always be in the Light.

I am Sanat Kumara

Messenger: André Kosoniscs - 01- Feb - 2018.