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Wednesday, February 14, 2018

FAQ - What is the orientation for a person who wants to receive Transformational Therapy?

I would like to know the orientation for a person who wishes to receive the application of Transformational Therapy?
Grateful for the attention.


Transformational Therapy consultations here at the Congregation for Peace and Transformation have as a first phase the Ask the Masters, where treatment begins. Depending on each case, the masters address a deeper approach or not, with access to akhashic records. But it is important to know that the work of Ask the Masters is a service of this therapy, where the patient (who sends the question), is attended apometrically by the master / entity that sends the answer, through the plumber. In some cases, when some work of the patient is needed in their healing, they will be guided in this way, and then the treatment goes into a deeper phase, which is not known to the public with the answers published.
All services are directed only by the masters and the egrégora of the Congregation, independent of the will of the patient or the plumber to attend the person. Attention at deeper levels of healing occurs only when there is understanding of the cause of suffering and disidentification with the constraint it carries.
We are always available to receive with love to all in any need and with the permission of God and I Am of each we offer healing to all who seek us with love and gratitude.