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Thursday, July 27, 2017





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Beloved Masters, I feel gratitude for my life, for the opportunity to be on this plane and to go through deep cleansing surrounded by so much love, protection and knowledge. I have identified an autonomous complex acting in my mind based on the fear of scarcity. I realized that I generate countless daily thoughts about money, I make accounts, plans; try everything that is way to feel that I have control over my financial life and that nothing will lack me today or in the future. In fact, nothing has ever been lacking, but I have inherited this fear of scarcity and let it take ownership of me. And now I realized that I feared this scarcity every day, with seemingly harmless thoughts, dressed in financial planning, but summed up in the course of the day, maybe hours. I have already understood that this fear of scarcity is derived from my lack of connection with God, when I find myself separated. But to have perceived and understood has not proved sufficient, it seems that I am already all programmed and conditioned to act in this way, to give space to the numerous thoughts on the subject. How can I deprogram my mind to generate these thoughts of separation and give space to thoughts that originate in my connection with God?


Daughter, just give space for God to act in your life, and show you that there is no need for fear. Throw the weapons. Give your control to His control. And then you will give a vow of confidence to those who love you and are part of you, to show how abundant life is when delivered in loving hands of the Father.

I am Serapis Bey



Hello, beloved Masters. Thank you once again for the opportunity to speak with you. Thanks also to Michele and Thiago for their dedication to this work. Masters, I would like to understand what this emptiness that I feel is. It is an emptiness that fills nothing. That nothing satisfies. How to overcome it? Gratitude!


Son, emptiness fills with belonging, with being part, from the moment it connects to the whole. This emptiness evaporates when you let reality tell you what it is and then it becomes reality, to be the planet, to be one with all, accepting everything that is in front of you. Emptiness is the feeling of not being part, of not being satisfied. But from the moment you accept that you are part of the planet, part of every living being, every human being, you fill yourself and you become love. Be in peace.

I am Confucius



Hello, Masters! Thank you for the opportunity to speak to you again. Today I come because I have a small heart, wanting a lap and a word of hope. I have tried to practice self-confidence, positive thinking, improve my self-esteem and believe that I can achieve the things I desire, but it seems that sometimes people appear who patrol and destabilize me. As it was the case of a man I met, I thought I had been "presented by the universe", but I ended up feeling very bad, being judged and my self-criticism came back with everything. Parallel to this, I was confident I could get a new job that was competing, that I could finally get back the financial reins of my life, but I think it did not work. I see in the messages that this is a period of great change and we must remain with high thinking. Help me learn how to do it at times like this. Thank you all!


Daughter, the big question we put is that you do not realize that it is not the people who block what you feel, but it is the expectation that you put into what you want. You manifest a way of thinking about what life should be like and then you create expectations about results. You all have the reins of life in your hands and stop the experiences with too much focus, anxiety and control energy. The expectation of what they desire, and here is the root of their suffering. This is how they construct the cycles of repetition, the thought forms of suffering. Now, just accept the experience, letting it unfold in your time and you will see the opportunity you have to walk lightly. All of you cling to forms of thought that tell you what life should look like, and it is these forms that turn into anticipation. Then releasing, the forms are gone, the cycles are interrupted and new forms come into your life. To release these recurring thoughts in your life, let go of expectations and trust that the best will happen. Let the new arise, which is what you do not expect and then follow the flow without question. Be in peace.

I am Serapis Bey



Thank you to the Ascended Masters and beings of light for this opportunity! I am away from my children for six months, and the forecast is more than two years. Whenever I can travel to see them, but for me is being little, even with all the technologies, personal contact, the eye in the eye, I really miss. We are going through this situation because of the lack of job opportunities where I live, so I had to travel to work, because I keep the house, and the family, financially. I am meditating a lot and doing Bach Flower treatment to balance and go through this moment more clearly. Since I'm in this difficult moment, then the only way to try to change is to study for a competition in my city, and I'm doing it, and with a lot of positive thinking, everything will work out. My question is whether I'm on the right track and whether I need to do anything else to achieve my goal. Thanks a lot.


Daughter, learn to appreciate the moments in which you live while you are in the present moment. While in the presence of her children, she dreamed of having the opportunity to be alone for a few moments, to find herself within her truth. And while you are alone, receiving the brief opportunity you need to encounter yourself, with all the energy support you need to work your inner quest, or the presence of your children. Beloved, understand that you can only be happy when you bring the feeling of gratitude for the moment you live by absorbing from the present experience the necessary learning so that the next steps in your life are presented in your life. Namastê.


Messengers: Thiago Strapasson and Michele Martini - June 2017.

Collaboration: Ilza Barreto
Text revision: Bruna Farias
Translation: Patricia Nogueira