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Monday, July 24, 2017





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Beloved Masters, I come first to thank you for all the blessings and teachings you have brought me during this year. A lot now makes sense. I just got a new job, I moved out of town and I feel like I needed this renewal a lot. I have a new partner who walks with me. Sometimes we have recurrent fights, and it becomes difficult to understand the world of one another. But love and care unite us. Is something wrong between us? Is there something we need to see that we are not considering? I came here to work in another area, but therapy remains my true passion and my goal to work. Am I supposed to  continue investing in therapy? What do I need to learn right now, so that my work as a therapist can move forward? We still do not have our total financial independence, this worries us and we are trying to find a way out, thinking about business so we can have more stability. I ask for any indication that is useful and deserving of us at this moment. Gratitude, Beloved Ones! Much gratitude and love!


Daughter, you understood during these experiences that when life is lived with love and guided by the heart, the doors open and opportunities are brought to you to fulfill your purpose. All the experiences that will come now, of living with your partner and the environments and people with whom you will get in touch with, will complement your learning. Just continue to observe what happens within you in the face of any challenges. Before even looking at the external, turn within yourself to try to understand the sensations and feelings that are generated by external facts. In this way you will continue to bring more wisdom and remain on your path of light.

I am Pórtia



Dear Masters, in recent years I have looked inside and spirituality is for me an essential good, I feel and I know that I have changed a lot. I work with Reiki, Tibetan bowls, crystal bed and meditations, with the people who come to me. Sometimes I feel extremely motivated and very cheerful. But at other times I feel empty, alone, as if something were missing and I do not know what, I just want to isolate myself, to be in meditation indefinitely, I sometimes find myself silent for more than two hours. I feel as if I do not belong to this world, outside of it, empty to want to be in contact with the Divine, but I have this life, husband and three daughters, my choice and that I fully accept, because they bring me much happiness and joy. The tragedies of the world, and not a few, affect me a lot, I'm sorry, I come to cry with compassion for others although I accept that they chose this path for some reason, I pray for the world, I see very little television, I like To pray. I have recognized that I feel very good when I am among spiritual people and we are talking about it or in a practice, in spirituality-oriented environments. Sometimes I feel like I would  enjoy going to Tibet or India to live some time in a different environment. Am I wrong to feel all this? Why do I sometimes feel empty and alone, being sure that we are never alone, but what do I feel? Am I on the right track or am I doing something wrong, what is my goal? How can I improve all of my feeling and doing? Grateful to all Masters and channels for help and enlightenment, and for wise words. Namastê!


Dear daughter. Your pain is of many as well. All of you are seeking your state of inner peace, and that is proper to each one. There is no recipe for you to maintain your state of peace. It must be sought only by letting the voice of your heart and intuition be heard. It is natural to seek moments of silence and recollection. Judging yourself by feeling the need for these moments is what makes your current life unbearable, and what makes you think of fleeing to some place where you could be by yourself for good. What the daughter needs is to find your balance through these practices, through self-observing, and actually following what your intuition says. If you need a brief recollection, even if it is sometimes two hours, or a day, or a few minutes, then attend to your own body. Just watch the processes of energy change that take place within yourself and act immediately as soon as you identify them. This will only make one minute in meditative state enough to feel good, instead of two hours or to wake up a feeling of escape. The experiences of living in society are valid and important for your learning. You just need to find your balance among the experiences you came to live.

I am Pórtia



Beloved Masters, thank you for this opportunity. My youngest daughter has always been very distracted, at school she has a lot of trouble concentrating and although I think she is very intelligent, she goes through a hard time to get good grades at school. She has a lack of concentration, a lack of organization, a lot of laziness, and she is also very slow to do things, putting off latter her chores.  She does not even like to eat vegetables, becoming difficult for her to improve somehow. Beloved Masters, how can I help my daughter reverse this situation, how can one be intelligent and have difficulty assimilating and understanding the lessons of school? I think she has already internalized that she cannot have good grades. Should I give her medicines for attention deficit? How can I help her to start enjoying eating vegetables? Is there any appropriate therapy to help her, EFT, NLP, floral, acupuncture, psychotherapy? Please tell me what I need to know to help my daughter, because the Masters know what really is going on with her. I'm already losing patience with her and I'm beginning to be gross with her and I'm sorry for the bad words I gave her, but if am nor rude she does not move, what to do? Thank you so much for your guidance.


Daughter, allow your daughter to be the inner truth itself. You were created within the pre-established patterns of society, and you are prevented from realizing how your daughter is aligned with the purposes of the new society that will arise. She is an inhabitant of the time in which the planet is in adjustments for the implementation of the New Age. And so she brings new truths, which will be the truths for all of us at some time, she brings it in her essence, and her truth calls Strong in order to be maintained and reaffirmed, and therefore it does not accept the establishment of old and pre-established patterns of education, for these will come to ruin and be transformed, precisely by those beings of light who will bring the transformations. Just watch, learn, and adjust life so that she can keep growing, learning, but making the necessary adjustments so that she has more freedom in being the essence of herself.

I am Rowena



Masters, my son said he is in love with another boy, my husband is a serviceman and he is desolated. Why do we have to go through this? I accept, but I am afraid of the reaction of others, of hitting him and even killing him. I live with a tight heart, what do we have to learn from this situation?


Daughter, everything we have in life would be so simple if we learned to respect the choices. Letting each one have their learning. What happens is that you stick to a pattern of right and wrong, wanting your child to follow the standard that you believe as correct, but that is not his. This is precisely for you to learn the value of respect for each experience. Do not criticize, judge, and trust in God. Criticism is what grieves our hearts. It is when we close our truth and say that our truth is better than the other. But when we come across the fragility of our own truth, which we would not want to face, then we see the learning opportunity we are having. To release our beliefs and open the mind. In regard to the fear of the child, know that all are subject to suffer in some way, that our great Master Jesus passed headlong to the bitterness of life and that everyone has the same power. Do not be afraid, release yourself with acceptance, for whatever happens your child will continue to be your child and you will not stop loving him. It is up to each one to accept the choices. Be in peace.

 I am Serapis Bey

Messengers: Thiago Strapasson and Michele Martini - June 2017.

Collaboration: Ilza Barreto
Text revision: Bruna Farias
Translation: Patricia Nogueira