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Saturday, July 22, 2017





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Masters. A few months ago I had a dream with a person I did not pay attention to. I had not noticed that person significantly. After the dream I came to meet him more often and now I see him looking at me constantly as if he wanted to say something. The sequence of events after the dream intrigued me. Had the dream been a premonition? Is there any kind of bond between us that I do not know at the moment? Great Gratitude. Love and Light!


Daughter, why do not you ask the person? If you are interested in something, why do not you make your feelings clear? What is the fear that disturbs you to say what you feel? The fear of being rejected? Jump in life, daughter, feel pain if it is the case or feel love. But, if you play and live. Do not live in the mind, in doubt, live life as it is. Be in peace.

I am Rowena



Hello, my beloved. I humbly ask for your help for this difficult moment that I face. Six months ago I separated from a marriage that lasted almost 7 years. But even after separation, we did not move away. He continues to live with me and we have been living together as friends for a while. Recently, the love I felt for him grew even more intense than before. I declare myself, but he is very afraid of suffering again. I feel that he wants to give us another chance, but he says he feels nothing more for me, that his heart is confused and that he needs some time to try to break the block he created after our separation, which was painful for both. But I have not been able to control myself, have the patience to wait for this time, since he lives under the same roof as me and with that, I feel guilty for demanding a situation that can only be true if it is natural. I feel very bad about all this, and it affects immensely all other areas of my life, because I have no joy to do anything else. I feel unbalanced because of this, however much I feel that I am being guided by my heart.


Son, watch how you condition your happiness to something external. Note that you do not see yourself able to move on by itself. What you feel, son, is far from love, but it can be seen more as an emotional dependency you have created on a brother. Observe how great life is, how big the planet is, how many opportunities you have in life, and see how all this you feel is an illusion of the ego, of dependence on something that has fulfilled its cycle. The best, son, is to walk away, let the situation finish and breathe. After this withdrawal, you can feel your true feelings and let them soften. You will see that it depends on nothing, you can be happy in and of itself. Be in peace.

I am Kuthumi



Good morning, beloved Masters. After many years of questioning my role in this world and living a life without spirituality, I have recently begun to see and understand things differently and feel that I am more balanced. Certain things about my way of being and acting became clearer to me after moving on to a holistic center and going to do group meditations often. I was always introverted and quite rational (mental), which implied a very big change in my way of being in this life. I know I have a way to go and that I must let it flow and live in the now, but sometimes when I go to meditate, I feel that I am looked at as someone without spirituality, and I do not feel integrated. After some time I was going to meditate and had no physical sensation, more recently I began to feel a "tingle", especially in the face. Is this my own energy or the feeling of the angelic beings around me? I have always been attracted to the "other side of the veil," but I am in doubt whether it is my ego or if it is really my intuition to show me the way to deepen my studies in the area. Thank you for your attention, regardless of whether you receive the answer or not. Thank you very much.


We are engaging you all the time, son, bringing you the answers to your doubts, and reaffirming our presence. While in a meditative state, it is open to our approach, for we approach you by resonance. You start to vibrate more subtle energy and surrender, and then, by attracting our presence, that we are going to radiate these moments, anchor our energy in you. In this way, you will gradually notice these sensations more often. Until it is more anchored in our energy and can feel at other times. We are here to reaffirm your faith, to show you that yes, you are light. And we are like you, also light.

I am Archeia Faith



Hello, I have a homoaffective relationship and in the last year we split up twice, my partner wanted to go back to her ex. The first time we separated, we stayed for a month, then we started talking and came back. The second time, we were almost four months apart, and in this she came to live with the ex. At one point we talked and decided to go back. She has two children, one lives with her father and the other with us. And he filed a lawsuit for unilateral custody of the children. During the time we were apart, I did not want to hurt her or the children, but I ended up in the time of anger going to talk and vent with her ex's current. My intention was always to see the children, but eventually changed the subject and my pain was inflamed. And by the way, he ended up attaching part of these conversations to the lawsuit. We are living well, in harmony, but sometimes there comes some memory of what I have lived and no matter how hard I try, I end up talking what makes my partner sad. Today I see and understand why we should meditate and be silent in the face of problems and that acting in the impulse or fervor of a feeling brings no solution to anything. I also know that what we are going through are consequences of our acts, mine and hers. But we are sad and afraid that the child will be removed from us. She mostly. I know that fear should not be fed and that no one loses what is. We also worry about the older woman who thinks only of death and says she does not feel good about being happy or feeding good feelings. I would like guidance on these issues and so that my companion can rest assured. Thank you!


Daughter, absorb the lessons of your deeds. Change them and use the learning. Bear with the consequences of what you have created and trust that the best will happen. Everything is learning, everything is light. See the light in your life from the lessons. Let the rest work out for your time, but do not deny what brought your life. Just live.

I am Master Confucius

Messengers: Thiago Strapasson and Michele Martini - June 2017.

Collaboration: Ilza Barreto
Text revision: Bruna Farias
Translation: Patricia Nogueira