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Friday, July 21, 2017





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Good morning, masters. Once again here with you, much gratitude. Masters, I need your help. I have a relative who has 4 children. Since she was little, she always gave a lot of problems because she does not seem to live in our reality; she does not work and does not think she needs to do it. According to her, she cannot leave her children. She says that the house is very messy, but her house is really messy, she has no discipline. Nowadays, she has no stove, refrigerator, light, and still thinks that she does not have to work neither outside nor at home. We have helped her whole life, financially and emotionally, but she does not change. Sending Light, prayers, but things do not change and sometimes she talks about killing herself, I do not know what to do anymore, any help for her is always palliative. Masters, please help me understand what to do. I would also like to know if I am on the path that leads me to enlightenment. And if not, what should I do to get closer to enlightenment? Thank you again, I feel very good about this connection, I love you and I can only thank you.


Daughter, the help is in understanding that each one lives his process in this life. Not always what you understand as right or wrong in a life trajectory, is a rule for everyone. Each one has its own learning path to follow. She is on her road, learning within the limits she has set herself and that is within the possibilities for that spirit. In your case, learning lies in understanding that lesson. Daughter, to observe the facts that appear before you during your life, and to draw from them a lesson for yourself, is to pursue the path of your own enlightenment.

I am Kuthumi



Dear Masters. I find myself at this moment, at the worst moment of my life, the most painful. After decades, my marriage came to an end in an unexpected and very sad way. Aside from the betrayal, I was passed back on financial issues and left even without my home to live. I was betrayed by the person I trusted the most. I lost even the will to live. What hurts me the most is to know that he put the other one to live in the house that was mine, which I arranged, I chose each object, I decorated it. I am trying to end the divorce process consensually firm and standing with the help of God, but it is difficult to reach the end of this stage, the process is stretching a lot, my life has been stopped for months, I do not understand the reason for this delay. My ex-husband is always putting a stop to it. We had no children. I'm thinking of moving to start my life again, but I do not know if it would be the right decision right now, the only thing I know is that I do not want to stay in this city where I've been married all my life. I need guidance. I want to understand so much pain and sorrow. Gratitude.

Answer 1:

Save the energy of Mother Oxum! Hail, daughter! Yes, daughter, the old father is here to have a talk with you. Laughs. The daughter is suffering. But has the daughter ever wondered why she is suffering? There were several opportunities in her daughter's life, where she would have a chance to meet her own truth. But not so, in the face of such material loss, do you not look within yourself to let out what is your purest manifestation, child? These things are happening so that, like everything in life, daughter, she can deviate from the path of deceit with her truth, and take her essence once and for all. That's how life works, daughter. For, how far does the daughter think she would go with something that was built without the firm foundation of love? All the moment you pass, daughter, is transformation. Everything that lacks the foundation of truth will be deconstructed to be born the new, radiated in the light of God, and that will open the doors of the heart so that enlightenment may come. Therefore, my daughter, give yourself the purest feeling of gratitude for the experiences that are gone, acknowledge your truth, the one you deny for so long, daughter? When you do, child, you'll see how everything will work out easy, easy. Hail, daughter of the light!

Father José from Aruanda

Answer 2:

Daughter, now is the time to grow, to learn what a relationship is made of: two people. And when we say two people, we say two paths, two purposes, two ways of thinking about life. Now is the time to look at yourself and see that it also contributed to this outcome. Somehow, at some point, it contributed to the end of the relationship. The pain, daughter, will pass. Life will continue. And there will come a time that you simply will not understand why you have submitted to all this. On that day you will recognize your growth. This pain is your cure. Is she the one who will show you what needs to change? What you need now, daughter, is to breathe, to give time for life to be resolved. But you should not hold onto the past with rancor, with charges. As much as it hurts, try to see the opportunity for growth that it brings within itself. And from that point, on that day, build a new woman who does not cry anymore, who does not submit and who expects nothing from anyone, but who is free and independent. Change your posture, daughter, for this is the time to appreciate, to grow, to be free. Do not attach yourself to material goods, what you have built. All this is to you from the past. She's gone, she's gone. Let it go and become emotional strength, self-love, your own compassion, and follow life with your head held high. Remember, daughter, of what our beloved brother Jesus said, "Blessed are the poor of heart: for theirs shall be the kingdom of heaven." Follow the example of the Master, do not worry about the judgments of the city where you live. You are light and always will be. Be in peace.

I am Lady Master Nada



Masters, little by little I am able to understand that the only thing that I can change is myself. Lately, I have lived happy and confident days and others sad and discouraging, I keep thinking of the people who are always on the sad days and I have so much desire to help… But then I realize that I have a hard time helping myself, I've always been very controlling and focused on what I thought was right. Today I see that I was never a wife that my husband wanted and that I imagined, he annoys me a lot with his dependence, demotivation and demands, I am tired of being accused of his unhappiness. As a mother, I always wanted to be the best, but in reality I think I have done everything wrong, I feel selfish without knowing how to act with the people I love the most. My husband, I feel like abandoning him and sometimes I think he does too. I wonder how I was so wrong about my feelings, I was so sure, or was it stubbornness? I am looking for readings and prayers not to go back to the sad days, lately I realize that I need to change and I do not know in which aspect, sometimes I look at myself and I am happy with my progress, and other times I feel that everything is wrong. How should I act from now on? I cannot even feel attached to the family I have longed for so much, it's like make-believe, how not to give up and move on? Thank you for all the help.

Answer 1:

Daughter, you are going through a natural process of meeting with yourself. And it was necessary for you to lead your life in the way you led, and to establish the connections you had established in marriage and family relationships, so that you would attain that apex of understanding of your own life and reflection. At that moment, you are going through the discovery of yourself, and for that reason, it is natural that the moments vary between waves of motivation and demotivation and self-criticism. From self-criticism, you will gradually realize that everything has occurred perfectly in your life, and you will learn to bring the feeling of gratitude and acceptance into your experiences. But, this will come naturally. For the moment, just accept that your truth is revealed to you, and try to keep in balance with the energies of the elementals: herbal baths, fire force, aromas, water (sea and waterfall), contact with the forest, nature. Try to be more in touch with these elements so that you will have the strength to face the moment of transformation.

Lady Master Rowena

Answer 2:

Daughter, Greetings, I am Master Nada. I come today on the wings of the energy of understanding, forgiveness and love to bring you gentle words. You, my daughter, judge yourself by your feelings and then you prevent them to flow. At heart, daughter, you are struggling with the old which wants to get out of your life. You do not accept the dilution of your personality so that a younger, more modern, self-caring form can manifest. What you want, deep down, is to put yourself first, although you feel guilty about this call. You feel guilty for your life and vision change. But, child, everything changes, nothing is stable. And you are just learning your own importance, to put yourself first. That's so simple, daughter. Do not judge yourself by your feelings, honor them, accept them, thank them, with forgiveness and understanding. You will see, daughter, that when you forgive, a new you will shine. And that is beautiful. Be in peace.

Lady Master Nada



I feel closed to meet new people. I feel uncomfortable in the presence of strangers, I always try to be alone with myself. Sometimes I think I'm just running away from superficial conversations and it's best to be with myself. At the same time, why do superficial contacts bother me so much? I like being with myself, but when I decide not to see people, I blame myself. Do I really want to be by myself or what I feel is rejection by interpersonal contacts? I feel it's a bit of both. I do not want to impose contacts, but I do not want to close myself. I feel divided, without a clear answer. Thanks to the channelers and the Masters for counseling and compassion.


Son, you brought the answers. You want to meet people, but you divide from the outside when rejecting what you called superficial. See, son, there are two things in this case. First, you seek to recognize yourself, then you judge those who come to you, wanting everyone to be as you see the world. But you do not realize that precisely when you shut down yourself to this interaction you no longer recognize yourself. When you bring into yourself a look of unity, understanding that all are divine and start to observe the essence that manifests, even though behind an ego layer, you will be able to recognize the light that you are. One side leads to the other. You recognize the divinity in everything, create inside yourself the true feeling of interaction and acceptance, and in that charitable gaze you recognize yourself because you will begin to see your own pains in the caps that your brothers wear. You will see divine mirrors in front of you, which may just lead you to recognize yourself. And so it is.

Exu Traca Ruas (Lock Street)

Messengers: Thiago Strapasson and Michele Martini - June 2017.

Collaboration: Ilza Barreto
Text revision: Bruna Farias
Translation: Patricia Nogueira