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Tuesday, July 18, 2017





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Dear Ascended Masters. I've heard of banning financial markets and futures, forex, gold and futures commodities, etc. After the onset of the ascension event on Earth, if I am working in these financial markets as my only job and as my only experience, how will it be after the rise? Will I lose jobs permanently, how can I survive then? Personally, I do not want to and I think many other people also do not want financial markets and futures, foreign currency, forex, silver and gold, precious metals and commodities futures markets, etc., to be banned operations and disappear forever from Earth, because I only know my experience in these financial markets. Please, advise and provide some information and answer my questions, thank you. Note: I am a normal citizen, not the bad guys of the elite.


Son, realize how much your mind is populated with thoughts and control by fear. You remain enveloped and overwhelmed by the fear of scarcity, and you forget your own spiritual gifts. Try to meditate, find your own truth, and I assure you that within your truth you will find your gifts of the soul. Stay in peace, son.

I am Saint Germain



Masters, gratitude. Since I've had my baby, some things do not seem to fit. My seven-year job seems like a weird place, it's like I've already finished the job there. The closest ones felt the same thing and are gone, but I still have not found anything to leave there. So I am in doubt if I am where I should be or if I should invest in change since I do not feel better there. They could guide me if I'm on the right track or if it really is time to change direction. Gratitude.


Daughter, what you feel is not in relation to your external environment, for that says nothing about you. Know daughter that the cycles close when they really end, for God is perfect in His designs. What is there is that the cycle of generating a child was transformative in your life. And then, you look around you and no longer see yourself the same, so everything seems strange. It no longer identifies itself with the old forms of thought. Learning now is another, daughter, to learn to radiate this new vision in your day. People have gone; others have come, but just the ones that help you change, just as you can help them. Everything is perfect and when you learn to have this different vision in your day, and see that what you do is just what you have to do, to live the days of your human personality, everything will gradually change. In life, daughter, everything is fleeting, it is enough that you make that transition from what it was to what is smooth. You do not have to bring suffering into your life, have expectations. Everything will be done naturally, just be at peace and observe the signs. Be in Peace.

I'm Serapis Bey



Dear Masters, thank you for this opportunity to speak with you. Masters, some time ago, sporadically, when I sleep and my consciousness is expanded, I receive messages and images on my mental screen, by beings of light. It happens that often my reception is not very good, some images appear blurry and the voices very distant or with squeaks, and I do not remember almost anything when I wake up in the morning. I feel that these are very important messages for my spiritual evolution, and answers to my questions. Masters, how can I improve this "channeling" and receive these messages more clearly and remind myself of the teachings? I really want to be able to increase this contact with you. Thank you for always being with me.


Bring your dreams into the present in form of manifestation in matter. What you observe and the few memories you have are enough to reflect on your actions so that you bring more wisdom into your routine. There's nothing to write down, to be debunked, daughter. There is only the feel of the lesson learned. There is a need to silence the mind, for when you are involved in situations where the wisdom received in the experiences during the sleep of the physical body will be used, you may access this wisdom unconsciously. It will only serve your growth. Remember: the knowledge gained is not lost. It is only stored in your records to be accessed through your experiences in your daily attitudes, decisions and words. Just silence, access in silence the best answer to your questions which will be brought from the wisdom that is already in you.

I am Lady Master Rowena



Beloved Masters of Light, for weeks I have been following the questions and answers lovingly shared on this site, and much I have learned in this process. I am very grateful to the Masters and the channellers for this work. Today, I come in search of words of advice and wisdom specifically about my trajectory and the reality in which I am inserted. I became a mother at age 22 and today my boy is 13 years old. From a very early age he presented motor and social difficulties, in addition to much fear and anxiety. Throughout the process, I received several and varied diagnoses from health professionals, so that, to this day, I'm not sure what my son has. Even with the frequent help of health professionals, over time, difficulties and symptoms have become more complex and intense. I even discredited improvement. Today he is taking medications prescribed by a psychiatrist, which improve some symptoms and aggravate others. The medicines promote an improvement in the overall framework (I see when compared to the image he presents when he eventually fails to take the medicines), but I am very afraid of being over medicated, as they are strong medicines, and in high doses, taken by extended period. I question whether keeping the medication prescribed is the best course of action. I question whether my child will improve and may one day fulfill all his potential (which I feel to be immense) and how can I help him in this process. There is another aspect of my life that I would like to get a light on. I was never married and raised my child only with the help of my parents. I always dreamed of a companion with whom I could share the joys and difficulties of the journey, build a family (besides my boy), have more children. It did not happen. I would like to know if I will still have the opportunity to live this reality in this life or if having a partner is not in the plans for me and I have yet to learn something by myself. Does my chance have come to pass? What have I done wrong and I cannot see?


Daughter, your son is in the process that he has to pass, so that from his inner cleansing he crystallizes within himself a new opportunity for regeneration of his soul. Some choices we make in life are precisely to help brothers, who in other existences have already had a passage on our side. And this is what happens to you. Alongside the medications, prescribed by qualified professionals, look for other therapists and doctors who can assist in the transition process of medications, until the purification of these symptoms occurs. Do not judge yourself on everything that happens, for there is a great spiritual team to assist in this process. You are not alone; we are all radiating so that you give yourself the best. This drug process will be temporary, just to bring the necessary balance to the now. Gradually, consult other professionals, who propose to move these medicines to other gentler. Trust that perfect people will be brought to your life to help you. What you should do is not interfere with the mind in the process, not listen to outside advice. You will need to learn to listen to your intuition, even though it often means being criticized for your decisions. It is a process where you will recognize yourself and also help your child to unleash all the potential he possesses. But for this, trust your heart. Go your way, without much comment, for often a counsel is just what deviate us from the path. Just trust that you will give yourself the best. You are able to handle this situation from your heart. Know daughter that this is a process that will take place naturally and that only you two feel deep in the soul the story you have. They are, therefore, the most apt to decide the best way and it will be. For now, daughter, focus on this process, and as soon as it moves forward, for the drugs to be progressively withdrawn, your life will open to new prospects, because it will be the sign that you have transcended together in love, the proof of life. And then everything will become lighter and softer. But now, focus on this process, as you have an important role with your child, just as he has with you. Be in that trust.

I am Lady Master Nada

Messengers: Thiago Strapasson and Michele Martini - June 2017.

Collaboration: Ilza Barreto
Text revision: Bruna Farias
Translation: Patricia Nogueira