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Sunday, July 16, 2017





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Hello, Masters. Gratitude for more such help. My heart remains distressed and saddened by my love situation. I love this person and I know she likes me, I know she has the same intentions as me to be together, my mother opened the letters and said that he is the man of my destiny and we have the mission to form a family. I feel it in my heart. But since December a woman entered his life and took advantage of his low vibration moment because of depression, to make a "love tie" in him, since then she does not stop to reinforce this black magic and they are currently together. All the entities say that it is only because of the mooring. He is blind and completely bewitched by her. She is determined to keep stirring with the forces of darkness to get him out of me. The tour doves have said that he does not like her, likes me, and that it's not for them to be together and she knows it. I never thought I would go through something like this, I cry every day, I always wanted to have a beautiful and blessed love story, that's what I want most in life, but it's preventing it. If it is not God's will for them to be together, why does he allow these moorings to take hold of him? And I've already made a delivery to the doves tours to be able to break it, but according to the letters she will do another to undo mine and reinforce hers. How can I overcome her magic? I cannot stand this situation anymore, I do not want to have to wait for years to have whom I love beside me because of this unbalanced person. Why is this happening? What can I do to make it what it does not take it anymore, and not get in the way of our natural destiny? Will this end soon and we'll be able to stay together? What do I need to change in my inner being for this experience to end, and can I be happy with my love? Give me a light, for it is not possible that the forces of evil are greater than that of light. Help me please. Eternal gratitude and tons of love.


Daughter, the only person who is caught up in this drama is you who does not accept something that came into your life and struggles in vain to get something back or someone who will not complete you. One day, daughter, you will see how much suffering has gone through a simple reason, lack of self-love and lack of confidence in yourself. Yes, these words are hard and I see you thinking that no one understands the pain that passes. But if you understand the process you face of your own liberation, where this pain will be precisely the foundation of your self-confidence and then you will understand that you are just building your own capacity to be happy, where you will find within yourself a sense of completeness. It is the foundations, daughter, when there will come a moment that will tire of suffering, of seeking a path of pain, and through that understanding will anchor its own freedom. The freedom of one who does not need to seek for someone who is also in the process of growth. It will then be that you will understand the process of not feeling enough in yourself and need to beg for something that simply should go so that, if it is God's will, find them in a future time. But no daughter, you prefer to insist on something that only suffering will bring you in that moment. Daughter, reserve yourself in your inner confidence, let go, be at peace, trusting in the best that will be done. Wait for time to pass and feel what you really feel, whether it is love or attachment. Understand your pain from your feeling and, from there, build the basis of your own transformation. Be in peace.

I am Lady Master Rowena



Thank you dear Masters, for always leading us on the path of Love. Many years ago I feel my pulsating energies in my chakras. I have never been able to find a direct answer on how to deal with all this energy. What I realize is that when I draw my attention from the outside world and turn my attention inward, the energy flows as if it had a life of its own. If it is the will of our Father and my merit, the Masters could guide me in regard to these energies. How do you use them in my healing and the healing of humanity?


Son, just the fact that you remain in balance, causes it to radiate light and act directly in planetary energy. You increase the coefficient of light and bring closer and closer to manifesting the New Age in matter, so visible to all. The sensations you have, son, show the balance and sensitivity you have only, you who propose to look at yourself, to feel and observe your own body. This makes him the master of himself, who says what happens to him without the need for diagnosis. And you can use that light and this balance so that you can anchor more and more of that peace on the planet. Just radiate your love. When you feel your chakras activated in perfect balance, enjoy to radiate love, to the whole planet.

I am Kuthumi



Greetings to all involved in this work of peace and transformation. How to know the limit of the ego (mental) in relation to the true will to accomplish things and live fully, to live in the love in the I Am? Jesus said, "I came that all may have life and life in abundance." I am so confused to distinguish this true abundance and prosperity from the innumerable faces of the ego. My desires for prosperity are also born of the heart. That is, is the ego also related to the desires of the heart? Because every time I "kill" a desire, which I judge to be of the ego, gives me such a void, besides being very sore. Another point is that in my family we have several people with sensitivities, but my 4 years old nephew has suffered a lot from that. How can we help him? He speaks daily of my father, who has passed away for more than thirty years, awakes with frightened dreams, sleeps very little, is a very advanced student for his age, a son with difficulty in respecting the hierarchy, always wants to be the leader, Playing with older classmates, is a beloved and popular boy at school, a loving child with family, but very sensitive in some aspects of life such as the Universe, Death, etc. An example of a questioning done by him: "Mother, people should go with the skeleton, the whole body to the sky, like Jesus. It is not right for the body to stay here and die. ". He made this comment because we need to tell him a few days ago that it is the body (matter) that is here on Earth and not the soul, nor the spirit. Even in his sleep he tells the conversation his parents had the night before. And it is not only him, in the school where I am teaching, that autistic children have also increased a lot, but I see that in many cases this is a big lie. And doctors are, unfortunately, prescribing many very powerful medicines, because of this mental accelerated and not understood. How to help these children with differentiated skills? Gratitude to the master who will answer me. Now, taking advantage, especially, Hail Father Jose de Aruanda! Grateful for the love you have for us all, and for me in particular. I have not forgotten your words and I am walking in self love, I continue to take love and smile to the children of the Father / Mother of this blessed land. Beloved Master, thank you for following my walk! Thanks also to Arcangelina for helping me in the process of cleaning and transformation! May the peace of the Master Jesus be in the hearts of all! Amen!


Daughter, true abundance is of inner wealth, of now, of having enough for today, trusting that it will always be so. This is the one true abundance. For it is not in what it has, but it is an inner feeling of trust. Now, daughter, as to the dreams of a child, do not imprison them, let the child's imagination arise. Leave it free. A child's imagination is one of the most beautiful things in the world, but adults have been trained to put an adult view on life. Know, daughter, that the child still carries within him the memory of being free in consciousness, without the restrictions of the mind. And this is what manifests itself in his day, this freedom to be. And this is something that must be free, it must flow. Do not interfere in this process what you think you know or have learned. As for the example he gives, know that the true feeling of ascension is yes, being in the sky next to the physical body, building heaven on earth. That is possible today, but when a child says it, you simply want to impose your truth by saying it is not possible. Daughter, in the innocent mind of a child everything is possible because it is a fantasy world. Let that feeling pop into him and encourage this magic. Play with these lines, encouraging you to perceive the beautiful world that is a child. It's a world where truth is fantasy and that's beautiful. Only allow everything to settle in God's time. Your nephew will have the time to speak the language of men, now only allow the manifestation of the purest and beautiful fantasy in your inner world. Be in peace.

From your brother of love, Jesus



Masters, my father has a very big implication with me, and my will is to leave home and live alone, but I cannot. My current relationship is that even my previous one, I feel angry and possessive, I cannot trust. I had an incredible dream with my brother, before he was diagnosed with a disease in the neck, it left me shaken because it was a premonition. It's all confusing. I do not know why I'm so selfish and unbearable. I'm sad. I would like an orientation. Gratitude and forgiveness, to God and the Ascended Masters.


Daughter, just breathe. Allow air to enter and reach up to your stomach. Return by causing it to come out slowly. Focus on your abdomen, activate the golden light in the abdomen while doing this breathing exercise. It is your center of balance. It is natural, daughter, that at times during your learning journey, you come across those who need to overcome the lower feelings, rejection, anger, hatred. These feelings come from information recorded in your records a long time ago. But you can only enlighten these experiences when you learn to radiate love instead of hate. And for this you need to be in balance to understand that you are the manifestation of pure divine love. Repeat: "I am the manifestation of pure divine love. I am the manifestation of pure divine love. I am the manifestation of pure divine love. " Repeat this schedule after the breathing exercise and then just remain silent. Be aware of what is shown to you, and go training the radiate of this love to what is shown. You will gradually begin to notice the symptoms disappear. I leave you involved in my peace.

I am Serapis Bey

Messengers: Thiago Strapasson and Michele Martini - June 2017.

Collaboration: Ilza Barreto
Text revision: Bruna Farias
Translation: Patricia Nogueira